Watch Katy Perry Accidentally Kick A Ball Str8 Into An Audience Member’s Face

Tfw Katy Perry kicks a ball at your face but you’re a true fan so you kinda love it.

This year has been full of wild but wonderful Katy Perry content. Roasting KP has become something of a sport for Aussies and my god are we great at it. But at the end of the day, the fandom is strong and Katy stans are willing to take a ball to the face for Perry and be thankful for it.

Loyal Perry fan Jordan Hanks (@jordanhanks on Twitter) shared some of his own footage of the Katy Perry concert in Salt Lake City, Utah, and this video is absolutely glorious. Hanks was clearly close to the stage and we can see Perry singing her hit ‘Roar’ and kicking these giant eyeball props around the stage and into the crowd.

But sometimes being that close to the stage means risking an inadvertent attack from Katy Perry. This might be the best fan concert video ever:

Hanks took it pretty well calling it “the single best moment of my life” and revelling in the resulting black eye. So I guess… keep doing what you’re doing Katy Perry.

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