Move Over Marble, Cadbury Is Releasing A Neapolitan Block

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In rare good news in 2021, Cadbury is releasing a brand new Neapolitan block and it’s hopefully hitting shelves real soon.

We fought for years for the iconic chocolate brand to bring Marble back, and because we’re greedy, it’s not enough, so news of this new block already has us salivating.

I imagine it’ll invoke fond memories of warm, summer nights, outside with the sprinklers on, when your mum used to bring you and your siblings’ small square wafer cones filled with Neopolitan ice cream, and you’d deck whichever sibling got the most chocolate. They were simpler days, days when we had no idea who Trump was, what a coronavirus did, and reality stars weren’t constantly feuding online, while also trying to physically fight each other to try and stay relevant.

As Story of the Year once sung, “Take me back, back to better days!”.

When you realize that most athletes, stars, models, etc are younger than you now. - GIF on Imgur

While there’s no official word when Cadbury’s new Neapolitan block will hit stores, it’s already been listed on the Coles website for $5 for a block,  so keep your eyes peeled and get ready to give up on your summer shred.

Just in case anyone is listening still, any chance of a Kinder Bueno family-sized block too?