All The Pics From Cass Wood’s Wedding, 5 Years After Her Honey Badger Breakup

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We’ve gone through an entire pandemic, multiple lockdowns, a new monarch and about 4000 prime ministers since this day, so it’s mad to think that the *infamous* Honey Badger season of The Bachelor was only five years ago.

It was the season that introduced phrases like “strap on the feedbag” to the world and dished not one but two breakups in the finale – leaving Nick Cummins single at the close of the series. But one character that I’m sure no one has forgotten was Cass Wood. 

She was the youngest girl on the Honey Badger’s season and she fell HARD for Nick. Dubbed the “stage five clinger” of the show, she had her dream journal read outloud during a date that showed just how into him she was – which of course set her up for a massive fall when the Bachelor sent her home.


The Honey Badger and Cass Wood on The Bachelor. Image credit: Network 10.

Cass then took another punt at love when she joined Bachelor In Paradise where she had her sights set on Richie Strahan (who was the Bachelor in 2016). The two hit it off and spent a lot of time together on the island, but Richie was a smidge distracted by his ex, Alex Nation, having her own fun on the show. 

Richie then left BIP, leaving Cass single again. 

During his exit interviews he categorically told Who that he didn’t form any romantic connections while on Bachelor In Paradise, which obviously would have stung Cass. He later backtracked and said: “I don’t think anyone’s ‘faking’ a relationship, It’s easy to spark a relationship – whether or not that will last outside of paradise is a whole different kettle of fish.” 


Richie Strahan and Cass Wood on Bachelor In Paradise. Image credit: Network 10.

Luckily, Cass has eventually found a dude who has no plans to dump her on national television. He’s called Tyson Davis and the two started dating just over four years ago – or, to be more specific, 227 weeks ago they shared their first pic together on Instagram. 

Cass mentioned in their social media ‘hard launch’ that they had actually known each other for much longer – first meeting in 2017 before he came back into her life two years later and after her stints on the Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise


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Tyson proposed to Cass last Christmas on the beach with their dog, with Cass sharing the photos taken as Tyson got down on one knee. And they’ve obviously been speedy with the wedding planning as the couple tied the knot this week!

Cass Wood’s wedding dress.

Cass shared some wedding planning insights, mainly surrounding her wedding dresses. And yes, I meant to make that plural. 

She paired with Pallas Couture for her ceremony wedding dress, which was an off-the-shoulder number with 3D flower embellishments covering the silhouette. For a little wedding industry insights, Pallas Couture numbers usually start at around $10,000 – and it looks like Cass picked up a custom gown, which would have made it even more expensive.


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But she also struck up a dealio with Marquise Ateliér (via the Ivory Room Bridal) for her second wedding dress. There are no pics of her second dress yet, but Cass did share a little video of her shopping for the look on Instagram. 


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I can’t wait to see more of the wedding, so I will be turning notifications on for Mrs. Cass Davis. 

Image Credits: @casswood Instagram, Network 10 + Punkee.