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Ross Unleashed On Camilla On ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Last Night & Twitter Was Here For It

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Celebrity Apprentice continues to come through with the goods, with some hectic drama breaking out between fashion designer Camilla Franks and comedian Ross Noble in last night’s episode.

The tension first began when Ross started the challenge by suggesting that when people are presenting their ideas, others shouldn’t talk over them. Camilla disagreed with Ross, saying that she thinks everyone should be able to speak freely. Then during brainstorming over the team challenge, where the Fun-Raisers had to put together an historical bus tour of Sydney, the team’s leader Camilla presented some bonkers ideas that had nothing to do with history, and dismissed Ross’ advice to stick to the challenge brief.

The bus tour was a mess. First they missed their bus, then the tour itself was lacklustre due to Rob Shehadie being a super dull tour guide. The tour’s only saving grace was Ross, who took the group on a tour of the Hyde Park barracks, staying in character as a convict the whole time.

With Camilla being the project manager for the Fun-Raisers on this challenge, after the team lost to Team Momentum she decided to choose Ross (and Rob) as the weakest link, which was a decision that made little sense.  “Ross is here because I just felt there was something a bit off, I felt like my leadership negated, I felt a little dismissed and it rattled me,” she told Lord Sugar, who wasn’t impressed with her choice as Ross was listed as a highlight by the tour’s participants.

Ross wasn’t impressed either, telling Camilla in the boardroom that choosing him was not about his contribution to the team — it was personal. “I’m not a fan of confrontation but what you’ve done is you’ve made it personal,” Ross began.“Since the first task you are in your own bubble, you’re a brilliant businesswoman when promoting Camilla, and your brand, but you’ve got this one track mind, you don’t listen to anyone else.”

Then Ross absolutely unleashed on Camilla, telling her, “You live in Camilla world. Everything is about you, your personality, your world. Your vision is basically about you. You are completely self-obsessed!”.

Who had UK comedian Ross Noble turning out to be an absolute reality TV savage on their 2021 bingo card?

Watch it play out below:

It was bloody dramatic — and I lived for it!!!

Ross’ words could come across as a little harsh, if he wasn’t completely accurate. During the task, Ross’ concerns that Camilla’s tour plans did not include enough historical information were consistently dismissed. Instead, all Camilla talked about was how to incorporate her fashion label into the tour — a tour about historical Australia?? She even titled the tour ‘Mother’, as it was the name of one of her collections.

Most people on Twitter were firmly on Team Ross:

Twitter users also took the piss out of the fact that Anthony Callea appeared to contribute nothing to the task, yet somehow escaped being brought into the board room by Camilla.

Bring on tonight’s episode at 7:30pm on Channel 9, which promises Camilla Vs. Ross round two!