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Channing Tatum Might Be Dating Jenna Dewan Doppelgänger Jessie J

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In news that will make you go ‘huh?’, British pop singer Jessie J might be dating actor and international dreamboat Channing Tatum. Umm. Cool?

The news isn’t exactly confirmed. US Weekly is reporting that the odd pair have been seeing each other for a couple of months. Apparently Channing has been spotted at Jessie’s concert in Seattle and Salt Lake City. So I guess that means…something?!

Aside from this CELEBRITY SCOOP, a social media user tweeted that they saw the pair playing mini golf together. However, they didn’t mention whether there were any romantic vibes between the two.

Channing announced in April that he was splitting with wife Jenna Dewan. If you ask me, Jenna looks a HELLUVA lot like Jessie J. Who the hell knows if there’s any truth to this but tbh we’ll take anything we can to get us through the week.

We CAN confirm that they both follow each other on Instagram, so that’s as good as engaged. CONGRATULATIONS!