Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum Peaked In ‘Step Up’ But Most Of You Aren’t Ready For That Conversation

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Could we be any more in love with Channing Tatum?

Now that the Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike stage show has made it to Sydney and Melbourne, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the actor and his career. Upon reflection, I’ve decided that the stripper-turned-actor’s peak was actually quite early in his career and happened during Step Up. Hear me out. 

Throughout Channing Tatum’s 15 years in the spotlight, he’s given us an array of performances. He made us feel incredibly emotional in Dear John and Coach Carter, he made us laugh out loud in the 21 Jump Street series and She’s The Man, but where this man really shines is when it comes to his dancing ability. Because far out, the man can dance. 

Now, with all this in mind, we have to ask ourselves, is Channing Tatum’s peak in the 2006 rom-com Step Up or in the 2011 hot-and-heavy drama Magic Mike? As someone who has thought long and hard about this, I’m going to argue that his peak – without a doubt – is Step Up.

Let’s break down why Step Up is his Channing Tatum at his best, shall we? 

#1. He’s Never Looked Hotter

Okay, who didn’t crush hard on this bad boy in the mid-00s. From his buzzcut hair to his slick dance-moves, everything about Channing Tatum in this movie caused me to fluster. Just look at this. 

Channing Tatum

And this. 

Channing Tatum

Oh my God and this. 

Channing Tatum

And sure, he is sexy as hell in Magic Mike, but in a weird way, he is achievable in Step Up, so Step Up gets the points. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. 

#2. His Chemistry With Jenna Dewan Is Unbelievable

Step Up maybe a dance movie, but at its heart, it’s a rom-com. And unlike many forgotten rom-coms, we will forever remember this film because of the amazing chemistry the leads had. Considering the two of them were married for a decade there, it’s not like they had to do much acting. But, that doesn’t take away from their amazing performance. Well done, kiddos. 

#3. This Was The First Dance Movie With Actually Good Dancing

Dance movies were all the craze in the early ’00s but for some odd reason, the movie studios decided it was okay to cast non-dancers in the lead roles. Thankfully, this movie changed all of that. 

Both Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan possess such excellent dancing techniques that I guarantee that this is the sole reason why Step Up spawned many sequels. 

#4. Have We Already Spoken About How Hot He Looked? 

Oh, we did? Sorry about that. 

#5. Step Up Made Channing Tatum Who He Is Today

Coach Carter might’ve been his first movie but his true breakout performance came with Step Up. For the first time ever, Channing Tatum showed the world he could dance, he could act, and he could look hella good while doing it all. As a result, I would say his career from that point onwards was pretty set-in-stone. 

So ultimately, while Magic Mike is an incredible movie, we have to credit Channing Tatum’s peak to his breakout role in Step Up, because without it, we probably wouldn’t have all the incredible films that came after it. 

Speaking of Step Up, can we talk about the best dance scenes of all time? Thanks.