Just Hear Me Out, ‘Christmas With The Kranks’ Is The Best Christmas Movie Of All Time

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Name a better movie, I’ll wait…

As the silly season rolls around, we know you’re watching a bunch of Christmas movies and debating which ones are the best. The rom-com fans are living for Love, Actually, the dads are begging the family to watch Die Hard and all the kids want to do is watch the new animated Grinch flick. 

However, I am here to end all of these conversations by telling you that the greatest Christmas movie of all time is Christmas With The Kranks. This movie has it all. And to prove it, I have collated 6 reasons why.

Let’s begin. 

#1. It’s As Fun For The Adults As It Is The Children

There’s an art to the perfect Christmas movie and it’s finding the balance between adult jokes and kid jokes. Christmas movies are meant to be fun for the whole family and dammit, Christmas With The Kranks fulfils this criteria. There are plenty of adults only jokes that’ll fly over kids’ heads, with my favourite being the infamous ‘Finish Your Pasta!’ scene. 

#2. We’ve All Thought About The Proposition

For many of us, the break between Christmas and New Years is the only time we take off work. So, there’s no way in hell you can convince me that you haven’t thought about Christmas With The Kranks’ proposition. The idea that you can skip Christmas and skip paying for all the unnecessary things that come with it is extremely tempting every year, but of course, we don’t do it because… because… wait, why don’t we do it again? 

#3. Everyone Can Relate To At Least One Of The Characters

Christmas With The Kranks

Anyone watching this movie will relate to someone and that’s a matter of fact. You could relate to the budget-conscious, money-wise Luther Krank. You can relate to Nora Krank, who craves approval from everyone around her. Or, you can relate to Blair Krank, someone who falls in love hard and fast and will get engaged after a month of seeing someone. 

#4. The Chemistry Between The Leads Is Insane

Christmas With The Kranks

Speaking of these characters, we have to give props to Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen. Their chemistry is out of this world. If I didn’t know any better, I would assume those two were married in real life. 

#5. It’s Just So Campy

Again, there’s an art to making a Christmas film. One of the essential criteria is campness. Christmas movies ultimately need to be over-the-top in their execution to a) keep the children entertained and b) keep the adults who are multitasking entertained. This movie does just that and so much more. 

Christmas With The Kranks

One thing that I like so much about this movie, is that it isn’t afraid to reference other genres. One scene you’ll be watching some classic slapstick comedy and then in the next, you’ll get some horror-movie-esque shots. 

#6. ‘Frosty’ IS An Evil Villain

Christmas With The Kranks

I’ve always hated Frosty the Snowman and I have no idea why. But, this movie, like all movies should, makes him an evil character. For that and so much more, we stan.

Look, there’s a lot about this movie that doesn’t make sense. Like, why did the daughter marry someone after one month of dating and why did the Kranks have to tell the entire world that they were skipping Christmas when they could’ve been more low key about it all. But, all-in-all, we overlook this because this movie is the best Christmas movie of all time. There will be no more questions. 

Watch it this Christmas, if you know what’s good for you!