The Definitive Ranking Of Every Single ‘High School Musical’ Song Ever

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You could say that High School Musical is kinda a big deal.

The Disney Channel films aren’t just movies, they’re intellectual masterpieces, and are probably the sole factor as to why there are fewer serial killers these days.

Any song from any film hits me harder than my parents did, and that says something. They’re more tunnels to the soul than they are songs, and as a true HSM fan, I know the words and dance moves to every single one of them.

high school musical disney GIF

While you can’t fault anything in High School Musical (or maybe you can), there are some songs throughout the film that can tickle my pickle a TAD more than others do.

After listening to HSM songs on repeat for one week (which we do normally anyway), we’ve put together an official ranking of every High School Musical song ever!

WARNING: This WILL make you want to bop to the top.

Here is The Definitive Ranking Of Every Single High School Musical Song Ever: 

28. “Bet On It”

High School Musical 2

Ok, controversial I know, but this song is literally the pinnacle of dramatic. Like, why is Troy running around a golf course, doing jazz hands with the sand, dancing with a golf club and gazing into a lake? This song could be a movie in itself and it was way too intense for me at the tender age of 1o.

27. “I Don’t Dance”

High School Musical 2

Chad, we are two movies in. We already know that you sing and dance, quit trying to deny it. Also, the choreography in this is cringey asf. I honestly just don’t know who decided to title a song ‘I Don’t Dance’…and feature a dance battle.

26. “Get’cha Head In The Game”

High School Musical

This is one of those HSM songs that everyone tried to recreate at nine years old. Don’t even lie; you’ve spun the ball on your finger, did the ‘in-between the legs bounce’, and even tried to do the final hoop shoot. The song itself is actually pretty boss, but it’s just that ‘GETCHAGETCHAGETCHAGETCHA’ part that rots in a special part of my brain for weeks on end.

25. “Stick To The Status Quo”

High School Musical

NO!! NO NO NO! (only HSM fans will kno). This song is honestly one of the cringiest. Like, why the fk is the entire cafeteria wizzing out, JUST because Troy made call-backs? Is he REALLY that special. And Martha, if your biggest secret is that you “pop and lock and jam and break”, I think your high school life will be fine.

 24. “The Boys Are Back”

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Don’t tell me you didn’t start pissing yourself when mini Chad and mini Troy came out to bust a move. This song just felt like they needed to fill space, so they concocted this song out of desperation. Like, come on, a WHOLE song?! JUST because they fell out and made up a couple of days later?

23. “Walk Away”

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

It’s not that this song is bad, it’s just, why would I listen to this when I could listen to ‘Gotta Go My Own Way’? THAT song is an anthem, and ‘Walk Away’ just feels like the poor man’s version. Sorry guys, y’all failed.

22. “High School Musical”

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Before you attack me, HEAR ME OUT. This is a killer song, I get it. But 1) It’s the last song of the series meaning no more HSM and I get sad so therefore I hate listening to it. 2) The title of the song is dumb, why confuse us and name it after the movie? And 3) That cringey bit at the end where they all stare into the camera for 10 seconds each is just creepy… soznotsoz.

21. “When There Was Me And You”

High School Musical

This song in an absolute anthem! I know all the words and could easily recreate this the next time it’s raining. It’s just for some reason Vanessa Ann Hudgen’s voice gets extra-specially nasally during this song. If you know the song you know exactly which note I’m talking about too. ALSO, that bit where she’s singing to a life-size billboard of Troy is so random.

20. “All For One”

High School Musical 2

Clearly, I don’t like finale songs. Sorry, but you can’t beat ‘We’re All In This Together’. Not now, and not during the shitty remake of it in the third film. That song is iconic and I literally know all the dance moves. Do I know the dance moves to ‘All for one’? Yes, but I’m crazy, and just because I know them doesn’t mean that I feel them.

19. “Scream”

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

I HATE ‘SCREAM’. Troy should honestly never have solos. It’s always him having an anxiety attack about something but in song form. And that part where the walls are rotating is so random, like, you waited until now to give us CGI? The only reason why this isn’t ranked last is that…actually…why isn’t this last?

18. “Work This Out”

High School Musical 2

I think I appreciated this song more when I was 10 because now I’m like…what is the message here? The song literally is about these teens hating the fact that they actually have to ‘work’, because want to be at the pool all day. Troy is the only voice of reason here, telling them guys, stfu and figure it out (loosely speaking).

17. “A Night To Remember”

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

You know you’re a true HSM fan when the first thing that comes to mind with this song is “NIGHT of nights”. The dancing in this is actually a vibe (clearly an upgrade from ‘I don’t dance’), and it has a cute 80’s vibe to it. My only issue is CHAD! FIRST, you don’t sing, THEN you don’t dance, and now you don’t want to go to prom? Do you ever stop complaining?

16. “Now Or Never”

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

I’m torn with this. As a song, this track is nothing short of fire. This could be my hype song for anything and l I live for it. But the actual scene of it in the movie is just…eh. They’re not actually performing the song any more than they are playing basketball. Also, that bit where Gabriella emerges from the crowd to sing her verse is a bit random, but still, again, great song.

15. “Can I Have This Dance”

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

The first of the Troy and Gabriella ballads on this list. This song is great, and will never fail to make me emotional. My only issue with this song is the rooftop garden? What fkn high school has a secret, beautifully maintained rooftop garden? Like, that just doesn’t happen. If my high school had that it would be FILLED with smokers.

14. “Start Of Something New”

High School Musical

This is where it all began. While the song itself isn’t THAT life-changing, it’s more about what it represents. Also, love how Troy was sooo worried about Gabriella singing, but then was shocked when he heard that she had a nice voice? Calm down Troy, last time I checked your voice was dubbed by Drew Seeley.

13. “Humuhumunukunukuapua’a”

High School Musical 2

Let’s get something clear. The only reason that this song isn’t number one, is because it didn’t make the film. Who in God’s name, cut this anthem of a track out of the movie? Seriously, fire that person. The visual effects, the song, the costuming…oh my god. TEN OUT OF TEN!

12. “You Are The Music In Me”

High School Musical 2

OK, not the sh*tty Kelsie or Sharpay version, but the slowed down, piano ballad with Troy and Gabriella which is absolutely gorgeous. Let me tell you something, this song will be my wedding song.

11. “What Time Is It”

High School Musical 2

This song literally takes me back to the end of year five, when we were waiting for the school bell to ring before school holidays. I made the entire fkn class chant “summer”, while we stared at a clock.

Honestly, you know you’re a true HSM fan when if someone asks you “What time is it?”, and in the back of your head you day “summertime”…

 10. “We’re All In This Together”

High School Musical

I could honestly die to this song. Fun fact, this was my primary school graduation song. We all danced our way out of the church with ‘We’re all in this together’ playing on loud, acting as if we were eighteen and not 10. Good times.

Whether you love the movie or not, you know all the words and all the dance moves to this song. This song is a celebration of people coming together, and for that, it deserves a Grammy.

9. “Right Here Right Now”

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Why are treehouses in movies always so fkn lit? The reason that this song is boss is that it’s simple. There’s no weird ‘Scream’ type ish, no crappy choreography, it’s just Troy and Gabriella in a tree, taking in the moment. Not saying I don’t love dancing, but there’s a time and a place, and this is just… perfect.

8. “I Want It All”

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Sharpay and Ryan together always create straight fire, and that’s just a fact.  This is one of those songs that you know all the words to after listening to it twice. If you can’t sing along to the intro then you aren’t a true HSM fan. Everything from the beat, to the graduating extra-ness of it all is amazing. Also, the Rockettes bit at the end? LOVE.

7. “Just Wanna Be With You”

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

This will be my wedding song, my anniversary song, and my virginity song, it is everything. I’m not talking about the Ryan version, or the Sharpay version, or even the Rocketman version. I’m talking about the Troy & Gabriella ANTHEM that takes place up on the balcony. You know that dance move? When they’re side to side, and they move closer together? CLIMAX.

6. “Bop To The Top”

High School Musical  

Mucho Gusto? Aye que fabulosa!!!! Who knew I’d be speaking Spanish at the tender age of 9!? Every time I’m around a ladder, I cannot HELP but to ‘Bop to the Top’ (this makes gardening with my Dad really strange). You can’t help but feel on edge when this song comes on, because you’re worried whether Troy and Gabriella are going to make it back to the auditorium for their set. For a two-minute song tho, Troy and Gabriella managed to get a whole lot done by the time it was over, just saying.

5. “What I’ve Been Looking For”

High School Musical

This includes both the Troy & Gabriella AND the Sharpay & Ryan version. I have never witnessed a song that brings joy both fast and slowed down! One minute I could be doing jazz hands with Ryan and the next I’m Ms. Darbus eavesdropping in the auditorium. This song should be taught in schools, it’s that great.

4. “Everyday”

High School Musical 2

How much did you cry when Gabriella suddenly appeared in the crowd during ‘Everyday’? Cos in MY house there was literally flooding. Her opening line “wanna find you there want to hold on tight” still gives me chills. The sky background, the all white, and even when they include Sharpay…honestly, it’s really more an art piece than a song.

 3. “Fabulous”

High School Musical 2

The fact that Sharpay wasn’t nominated for an Emmy in these films makes literally no sense to me. This song is the theme song to my life, and is partly responsible for why I grew up to be so extra! The pink piano in the pool, the Maine turkey, and even the aqua dancers! SHARPAY IS ME.

2. “Breaking Free”

High School Musical

This song could resurrect the dead, it’s THAT inspirational. Listening to this song as a kid really made me feel as though I was going through some serious, dark stuff, and I was ready to break out. Just the fact that they made it to the call-backs, were allowed to sing, and have the whole school watching is special enough.

1. “Gotta Go My Own Way”

High School Musical 2

Here we are, number one, the GOAT.

Honestly, what makes this song so fkn good is the bridge. You know exactly what I’m talking about, that bit when Troy jumps into the song with his “WHAT ABOUT US?”. Honestly, I could duet that part by myself all night long.

I know what you’re thinking, NO, ‘When There Was Me and You’ is NOT better. This one just makes more sense because she actually knows Troy for more than a month now. Every time I’m sad I put this on, sit in the car, and cry as if Troy was my own. Seriously, number one in the charts and number one in our hearts.