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12 Dramatic TV Moments That Were So Bad They Were Funny

At some stage in your life, you’ll invest a lot of time in a TV show. We’re not here to judge how much time you invest, or even how many shows. We’re actually just here to discuss the absolute worst scenes our fave TV shows had the nerve to deliver us.

I’m talking those ones that are so bad, you either burst into confused laughter or just stare at your screen in silence, blinking slowly, questioning if this is what you deserve for spending so much of your life on one TV show. (Everyone knows by now that Grey’s Anatomy fans are the most loyal bitches out.)

So without further ado, let’s take a little journey down memory lane. It might even make you do that weird, strangled laugh thing again.

Here are dramatic moments from TV shows that ended up being so terrible they were kinda funny:

1. When a dog ate Dan’s transplant heart on One Tree Hill

This will forever go down as one of the most hilariously awful moments on any teenage drama show. Evil Dan was awaiting a heart transplant and when his lucky day finally arrived, the person transporting the heart tripped over a dog lead (yes, in the hospital), causing the heart to fall out on the hospital floor, where the dog promptly picked it up and slobbered all over it.

It may be a perfect scene, really. ​

I mean, I have SO many questions. Why was the heart just being transported so casually in a styrofoam box? Are dogs even allowed IN the hospital? Why was Dan just idly chilling nearby, waiting for his heart in what looked like the foyer of the hospital? WHERE WERE ALL THE DOCTORS?


2. Everything about Bart Bass’s actual death on Gossip Girl 

Sure, Bart Bass died about 108 times, but who’s counting? His real death, though, was such a melodramatic send-off — it’d make The Bold and The Beautiful proud.

The music! The clinging on for dear life! It looks like it should be an absolute parody of the show filmed by some university comedy group but, no, it’s how they really ended Bart.

3. Meredith finding out Lexie died on Grey’s Anatomy 

Don’t get me twisted, Lexie’s death was incredibly sad. Watching her last moments with Mark Sloan sliced my heart in half (and then it fell to the floor and was picked up by a stray dog).

Image result for meredith crying lexie grey's anatomy

But it was Meredith’s reaction to finding out Lexie died that turned the sorrowful moment kind of funny. The OTT wailing (and the fact all these doctors were just caught in this weird, massive plane crash?!) just got too much and turned any previous sobs into a strangled laugh.

4. And the time Izzie had ghost sex with Denny, but it turned out she was seeing visions of him because she had a tumour

Hmmm, do you have 12 hours free? Because I could rant about how stupid the Denny ghost storyline was for A LONG TIME. It was incredibly far-fetched to start with, then to top it off, Izzie and Denny had passionate ghost sex and Izzie’s housemates just heard her… well, getting off basically. By herself. Because Denny was dead.

Image result for izzie denny ghost greys

And did we mention Izzie was dating one of her housemates during this time period? Poor Karev.

5. Oh and let’s not forget that whole MUSICAL episode of Grey’s Anatomy

I don’t even have words for this. Just… just watch.

6. The final proper A reveal on Pretty Little Liars 

And y’all thought I was angry when the Honey Badger picked no one in The Bachelor. The A.D. reveal, the final A, uber A, whatever you want to call it – was one of the worst finales of ALL time. Of all time!

Ever waste seven years of your life for nothing? And no, I’m not even dragging my last long term relationship. This show really ended with Spencer finding out she had an evil twin. I just…

I still struggle with all of this. It would’ve made more sense at this stage if it was just Peter Hastings gone wild or something. But nope, let’s just introduce 179 sets of twins then make Spencer’s one the evil one who terrorised all these girls.

7. And when they put Toby in a durag when they flashed back to his juvie days

Nothing screams “sad, dramatic juvie scene” like some white boy in a durag.

Image result for durag toby

8. Betty’s strip routine on Riverdale… in front of her MOTHER?!

I’ve never cringed so hard in my life, and that’s coming from someone who once sent a message to someone six months after a breakup to tell them I was blocking them on social media.

Even that experience wasn’t as bad as this.

9. And Archie getting attacked by a bear

I’m sorry, but what? Make it make sense.

10. Dexter driving his boat into a storm

You know when you’re meant to be swept up (lmao, sorry) in a moment, really lean into the dramatics of it all, really feel like you’re on the edge of your seat to find out what happens next, the suspense absolutely killing you…

Yeah, this wasn’t it sis.

11. When Adrianna switched Silver’s meds on 90210 

So this move was majorly fucked up. TL:DR, Adriana and Silver were friends, until Silver slept with Adriana’s boyfriend Navid, even though Adriana had been behaving like a pop princess brat. Whatever. Silver, who had been diagnosed as bipolar a couple of seasons previously, was on medication which Adriana switched up.

But just to make the storyline incredibly hard to believe, Silver just dyed her hair bright red and started acting bizarrely until she got put in hospital. Also, this was after Adrianna leaked a nude of Silver to everyone, and made her drink unfiltered water in Mexico.

Can you keep up? Neither.

12.  This. Everything about THIS.

You almost forget how bad the whole Gossip Girl reveal was until you watch it AGAIN. And then somehow, it’s even worse than what you even remembered.

Actually can’t tell if I’m still laughing at this ending or crying.