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DRAMAZ: Riverdale Is Getting A New Villain And She’s Bad News For Jughead

Prepare yourself for the arrival of a new villain in Riverdale’s next season. The new antagonist is set to bring out Jughead’s dark side. She’s blonde, she’s beautiful and she’s sure to cause some friction for #Bughead.

We’ve been warned that the second season of Riverdale is going to be even darker and more sinister than season one. Is that possible?

We should known something was up. The show revealed that Brit Morgan – who you may recognise from True Blood and Supergirl – is coming to Riverdale to play Penny Peabody. Who dat? Penny is the shady backroom attorney that the Southside Serpents use as their go-to girl when they run-in with the law. One of the main stories we’ll see in the season will be Jughead trying to set his dad free from prison (bless), and that’s where Penny gets involved.

Jughead apparently seeks out Penny’s help and learns she prefers clients to pay her with favours – instead of cash. What does this mean?!? What does she want?!? Who knows.

Penny Peabody is also known as the ‘Snake Charmer’, so by the sounds of things she’s coming to Riverdale to ruin everything. Excuse me Penny, the position of beautiful blonde female character in Jughead’s life has already been filled guuurl. Please move along.

We can predict that the addition of Penny Peabody to the scene and into Jughead’s life is going to cause some tension between Jug and Betty, (my #1 couple).

When we left them last season, Betty was looking torn between wanting to keep Jughead from the dangerous criminal undertakings of the gang lyf and enjoying how yummy he looks in his Serpents leather jacket. We know Betty. This is the definition of a dilemma.

Let’s pray to the Riverdale Gods that Bughead can survive the turbulence of next season and in the mean time we can revisit this magical scene from the finale, because it makes everything more bearable.

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