Drivers Licence

Purposefully Bad Covers Of ‘Drivers License’ Are The Funniest Thing On TikTok Right Now

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As you already know, Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Drivers License’ is the first smash hit of the year.

The 17-year-old’s debut song has not only hit number one in Australia but in the States, the UK, and a bunch of other countries. 

And while this is an impressive feat for such a young artist, one of the main reasons the song is so big is because of its prevalence on TikTok. ‘Drivers License’ is inescapable on TikTok right now. There are explainer videos about the backstory of this song, there are dance covers, and there are even covers of the song which sing from the point-of-view of another person in Rodrigo’s life. 

But, more importantly than all of these covers are the purposefully bad singing covers of ‘Drivers License’. Evidently, good covers of the song are very ‘been-there-done-that’ because TikTokers are competing for who can sound the worst at covering the song. And boy, do we have some contenders. 

I Can’t Stop Listening To Bad Covers Of ‘Drivers License’

First up, we have to shout out YouTubers Kyle and Tucker. Bringing along two of their friends, these four covered ‘Drivers License’ horribly, but in the best way possible. With harmonies, belting and the switching up of the way they deliver certain lines, this cover is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. 

@user505429517019Please enjoy our cover of Drivers License. We worked really hard on this ❤️ #fyp♬ original sound – Kyle

Next up, we have a girl squad doing the same thing. What is impressive with this video is their ability to all sound worse than the girl who came before them. And that’s on talent. 

@prechtel_Please no hate guys. We tried really hard. #driverslicense♬ Drivers License but make it spicy – caroline 🦦

On the same beat, we have another girl squad giving this ago. Now, this cover borders on annoying a little bit but overall it’s saved by the slight slam poetry moments and the fact that a blonde girl sings the line about a blonde girl. Also, whoever sings in cursive in this video should low key get a job as a Tones and I cover artist. We stan. 

@olivia.allan3#driverslicense #fyp #choir #singers♬ original sound – Olivia Allan

Finally, we have this trio. Now, props must be given to them for entering a car and getting into the song thematically. But, my God their rendition gets annoying. Perhaps it’s all the yelling. 

Also, I have a theory that the third singer in the video didn’t get the memo that the vocals were meant to be bad because she’s low-key serving. 

@winterscomin_the only cover of this song thats better than the original. #fyp #foryoupage #driverslicense #driverslicenseoliviarodrigo @joshuatbassett♬ original sound – jas winter

By the way, if you want to know more about the backstory behind ‘Drivers License’ and the love triangle between Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, and Sabrina Carpenter, check out our comprehensive cheat sheet here.