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Ella Ding Has Spilt Some Piping Hot Tea About Her Time On ‘MAFS’

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Ella Ding and Mitch Eynaud had instant chemistry when they were matched on Married at First Sight, and appeared to be couple goals early on, sailing through the honeymoon and first commitment ceremony like it was no big deal.

The stressful environment eventually caught up with them, with the last couple of weeks being rocky for the pair. Mitch’s resistance during intimacy week, his toxic outburst at a dinner party, and his obvious lack of desire to be on the show and participate in the experiment has put undeniable pressure on the once-thriving couple.

While the couple survived the latest Married at First Sight dinner party unscathed, their future is looking pretty rocky ahead of Sunday night’s commitment ceremony.

Ella has now given an unplanned interview to reality podcast So Dramatic!, chatting with host Megan Pustetto and former MAFS star Sam Carraro about her time on the 2022 season of Married at First Sight.

Here are all the juicy tidbits we learned from Ella Ding’s interview about her time on MAFS.

On Mitch and his struggles on the show:

“In the experiment, he had some mental state stuff. Watching the season now he does tend to say there are a lot of external factors. I don’t really know to be honest. That’s a bit of a mystery to me. He continues to be that mystery guy that I always said he is. I got no real answers.

He just doesn’t deal well with confrontation and talking about drama. He doesn’t like talking about his feelings, emotions, he doesn’t like being vulnerable, it makes him uncomfortable.

He’s a hard one to gauge, he really is. The whole time in the experiment, I was just trying to figure this guy out. I’ve never met anyone like Mitchell before, he really is an interesting guy but it kept me intrigued because I wanted to figure him out.”

Mitch ella married at first sight

On Mitch being scouted for the show:

“He got scouted [for the show]. The difference is, I applied, I went in there knowing I wanted to give this my all. He backed out of the wedding two weeks before, as well. And then one of his mates or someone said ‘this is a once in a lifetime, if you’re going to do it, do it properly’, and in the experiment, he does take a turn, and he does embrace it a lot more.

But at the start, he was trying to understand everything as well as take on me, who’s the total opposite and super open and wants to talk about anything and everything. He’s trying to take on me and everyone around him.”

On Mitch’s 48-hour ultimatum:

“That part of it all was pretty intense to watch, obviously I don’t see his voxxies and stuff either until now. In that moment when we did have that discussion and he came back with the 48-hour thing, all he wanted was five minutes with me off-camera to chill out and talk, but obviously with the producers that wasn’t going to happen. And he asked heaps of times, he said ‘can we just have five minutes by ourselves?’ and they said ‘no, we’re not going anywhere’ and that’s when he cracked it and left.”

On Mitch regretting going on MAFS:

“I think he regrets it, on a radio interview I did last week they were saying that he said he regrets doing it all. I don’t understand how you can go on a show, meet a great chick, have an overall positive time… it’s shit to hear on the radio that he’s regretted it. He’s hardly even talking to the boys. He’s really disconnecting from the whole experience and it’s like… we just did this amazing experience together, and we did grow and try and overcome shit, but he’s just blocking it out.

But it doesn’t make sense to me, you get the option to opt in or opt out in the show, when you do the publicity thing, you get to choose if you want to be a part of it. You can opt out of anything. You don’t have to be a part of it. That’s why I’m like, why don’t you just opt out if you want nothing to do with it?”

On their off-camera connection:

“We definitely have our ups and downs on the show, but the thing with Mitchell and I is that we really did establish a lot off-camera. I can definitely back him up there. I’ve never laughed with anyone in my entire life more than I have with him. We actually did have a really good time. I don’t like assholes, it wasn’t that ‘treat her mean, keep her keen’ thing at all, off-camera he’s a different person. When they’re not around, it’s a totally different person and that’s the person I got to know.”

On Mitch’s gross comment about Ella being on his “board”:

“That was shit, when I watched that two weeks ago that was the first time I actually heard it. That night Mitch and I were pretty lit, and the next day when we were at the commitment ceremony and the experts sat us on the couch, they were all like ‘what was with the blow-up last night?’ and Mitch and I looked at each other and we were like, ‘we had a blow-up?!’ I had no idea, I had no memory of it even happening. I had no idea that’s what he said until two weeks ago! That was pretty brutal, it wasn’t great to watch that whole night.”

On the upcoming drama at the MAFS retreat:

“The retreat is pretty gnarly. The group divide starts to happen at the retreat. The girls’ night is pretty messy. There’s a lot of yelling, a lot of screaming, and we can just hear the boys having a good time.

The masks do come down, and at the retreat you see more to what these women are. So many carry themselves to be the nice, innocent, or the mature, well-spoken ones, but they just crumble when they unravel. There are a few different people where the viewers will be pretty taken back.”

On Carolina and Daniel:

“She’s a piece of work. She blinks a lot: I reckon when she lies, she blinks! Dion’s the best, he’s such a legend. I’m not sold on that whole scandal, to be honest. No one speaks to them.”

On Jess:

“She’s just a sass queen, I didn’t get along with her at all. It was her whole energy. The tension Dom and her had, I think it all started at the hen’s. Then her coming in being smug at the dinner party brought up the old flare they had.”

On Andrew and Holly:

“Holly’s got a partner now. She’s really happy, it’s a shame all that stuff happened. There’s just so much that no one will see and no one will know, she’s been cut from all media. She’s not had one interview since the show has aired. I think it’s for Andrew’s sake, it’s made out that there’s a lot more.

There’s definitely a lot more with Holly and Andrew that we didn’t see, you could tell in the episodes, she was rattled and very emotional. And we all felt like there was way more to it that we just didn’t know about.”

On Selin and Anthony:

“I didn’t get to know her too well. She’s definitely not as nasty, there’s good in her, but I think they just clashed. She just got the ick, the ick is there and it’s not going anywhere. It just kept adding up, and you just end up resenting people when you get the ick. Anthony is a really nice guy though.”

And on the rumours she’s seeing Brent:

“I like Brent, he’s a good guy. He’s good to talk to, he’s a good friend. I think in the experiment and even now, he’s got a resilience that man. I didn’t get to know him on the show, but it is cool to watch him and see what he’s like behind closed doors. He did give it his all, but I think they [Brent and Tamara] just brought out the worst in each other.”

Married at First Sight continues Sunday at 7pm on Channel 9 and 9now.