Elly Frazer

Elly Has Spoken Out About The Rumours Surrounding Frazer And His Ex

Just because The Bachelorette is over for the year doesn’t mean that all the stories surrounding last week’s finale have dried up. No sir.

With Becky and Pete’s breakup casting a shadow over Elly and Frazer’s romantic ending, the happy couple haven’t slipped through unscathed. Rumours have swirled that Frazer wasn’t exactly acting like a taken man, with Frazer’s ex Shyanne talking to The Wash and saying Frazer promised he had come second and that he said to her in a “perfect world” they’d be together.

Elly has now spoken to Bachy alum Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne on their Life Uncut podcast and addressed her time on The Bachelorette as well as the Frazer and Shyanne drama.


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When asked if she and Frazer are still in love, she said they were “still together” and said they haven’t dropped the L-bomb yet. She went into depth about knowing midway through the season that she “had figured it out” but wanted to stay open-minded in case things changed. Getting emotional, Elly said: “There were sometimes times I’d spend some time with a guy and know there was nothing there, and I’d then be in the car feeling numb, and feeling pretty shit, and thinking ‘how the fuck am I doing this?’ It was hard, it was so hard.”

If you’re looking for the TL;DR on what Elly had to say about the Frazer rumours and where she and Joe stand now, we’ve compiled it here for you.

On whether she regretted taking Joe to the final two:

“The thing with Joey was that I always knew he was such a great guy. I think when it came to taking him to the top two, I just did what I thought was right at the time, and I just went through the motions and I just didn’t really think about that at the time.”

“I haven’t looked back and thought ‘I should’ve done this, I should’ve done that’ I was true to myself in that moment. I don’t have any regrets looking back.”

On why she dumped him in the hotel room and whether they’ve spoken since:

“In the moment he told me he was falling for me, it was so lovely to hear. But I was like ‘ooh, I’m not feeling how I should probably be feeling’ and that just stuck with me. I was like, how am I going to stand up there with him amongst all these bloody flowers and just dump him. I was trying to think of a way to do it, that was more respectful to him.”

“I reached out to him after the finale and touched base and said ‘I hope you’re well, thank you for everything.’ I hope we can get back to being friends one day. And he sent me a really beautiful message back. Him and Frazer are really good mates, they’ve been in touch, they’re going to catch up.”

On how often she got to see Frazer after the finale was filmed:

“After the finale moment, we had to get in separate cars, and drive three hours to Kangaroo Valley and we had this beautiful little house. We spent three days together there and we had the best time. We sang, we danced, we just had lots of conversations and then, unfortunately, we had to go our separate ways. Frazer had to go quarantine for two weeks which was tough on him, and then it was six weeks before we could see each other again.”

And finally, on those rumours about Frazer and his ex:

“None of that was new news to me. Everybody has a history before the show. As soon as we got the experience we downloaded all that information onto each other, like all the conversations about your love life that you don’t really have on the show. I knew they had been seeing each other, and she had been taking care of his dog. Frazer was honest with me about everything that happened with them, and they were still mates. I guess the situation is tricky, because he can’t come out and tell her I won. That’s why he said he came second, he said that a lot of his friends too.”

“I knew they were still friends, and they still… Frazer was FaceTiming me the other day taking her dog and his dog for a walk. I had a friend with benefits for two and a half years and we’re still friends now and there’s nothing in it, and that’s the perspective I’m coming from. I’m a rational person, I’m not someone to overreact until I have all the information. Everything he’s said to me has been consistent to what’s come out, but she’s had a different perspective on what was going on with them.”

Well! That’s that. You can listen to full episode of Life Uncut here.