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Two Tween Makeup Gurus Are Beefing On Instagram Live & Why Am I So Emotionally Invested?

If you’re not up to date with the latest beef in the pre-teen beauty community then I have two things to say to you.

Firstly, congratulations, you obviously fill your life with much more fulfilling and rewarding things than I.

Secondly, whoa bitch, the tea is fucking scalding and you’re missing OUT!

The beef in question is between two 11-year-olds, Emery (@emerybbusiness) and Sarah (@sarahdorothylittle) and the shade is so severe you might want to draw a curtain or pop on some polarised sunglasses before we get into the thick of it.

Basically, the two began to drag each other for filth via Instagram live, paying out one another’s tacky social media posts and makeup skills.

The live begins with Sarah accusing Emery of stealing Ariana Grande’s look, specifically her signature high pony, “like a lot”. If we know anything about Emery (virtually nothing) she isn’t about to go down without a fight.

She claps back to remind Sarah that she too has a ponytail, though Sarah claims she “has like, worn it once since LA”.

It’s after this that Emery, clearly fed-the-fuck-up with Sarah’s absolute bullshit, drops the mic and – if we’re being real – buries Sarah (and her ponytail she hasn’t worn since LA) six feet under, with just 12 words:

“I’m not gonna lie, I don’t love that lipstick – it’s a choice”.

RIP sis, it was nice knowing you.

Understandably, the captured live has blown-the-fuck up on Twitter and people are LIVING for the drama, Mama.

We know from the first video that Sarah had made plans to visit Emery’s house, but there’s one thing you don’t come for – Sarah’s choice of lip – and sis was not having a bar of it.

After telling Emery she wasn’t going to come, she drops this line:


Ssksksjksjdjssk I can’t! At this point just call a coroner, because I am fucking DECEASED! ARE YOU KIDDING ME, SARAH? YES SIS, GET HER WHILST SIMULTANEOUSLY SNATCHING MY WIG.

Following this, Sarah suggests she would beat Emery in an actual fistfight and at this point should we, fully-grown adults, step in?

Where are y’all parents? When I was 11 I was flat-out busy watching Spongebob re-runs, not committing straight-up savagery on the internet (unless you count cyberbullying strangers on Club Penguin).

Okay, okay if at this point if you’re legitimately concerned for these poor, lost children (same) let it be known that they’ve since posted a pic together on Instagram to let us know the beef was – much like Emery’s lashes – fake.

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(The fight was fake no beef here)

A post shared by Emery (@emerybbusiness) on

We can assume Sarah went to Emery’s house, they had a great time and either the beef was legitimately fake or they just got over it.

I mean, they’re 11.

I honestly can’t tell if they’re just iconic tweens or straight-up marketing geniuses, but one thing’s for sure – we all now know who they are, and they need to release some merch ASAP so I can empty my entire savings account.

Life With MAK is quaking.