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13 Times Emilia Clarke From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Was Too Pure For This World

Game of Thrones is coming to an end, and after 8 years we’re going to be saying goodbye to some of our favourite characters.

While things have definitely taken a turn in the final season of GoT, there’s no denying Queen Daenerys Targaryen has gone on quite a journey since the show started.

While we’re yet to see her final fate (we can predict it probably won’t end well) there’s no denying Emilia Clarke, who plays Dany, is an icon in her own right. From poking fun of herself, Jon Snow and rarely seen without a huge smile on her face, Emilia Clake is truly the queen of our hearts in many ways.

So while we gently weep over where Daenerys’ storyline has gone, let us pay homage to the great Emilia Clarke with some of her most wholesome moments. 

1. When she found her babies on a local menu and her hashtag game was strong

2. When she showed the behind-the-scenes reality of the glam celeb life

3. And when she got this very glam shot with an Emmy

4. When she suffered through a slight climate shock


5. When she fangirled hard after meeting Matt LeBlanc

6. And also told this very relatable story of how she reacted when she met Beyoncé


7. When she admitted her friends have NFI about what she does on GoT


7. And when she dressed up as Jon Snow and went around New York asking people if they watched Game of Thrones

emilia clarke

8. When it became clear that she tried to warn us all along about Season 8

9. And when she uploaded this after episode 5 aired

10. When she showed us what it was like to get up close and personal with her dragons

11. When she was reunited with her one true love

12. When they were just too adorable for this cruel, harsh world

13. And when she and Sophie Turner finally got to shoot together and they couldn’t resist getting some Jon Snow digs in


Long reign Emilia Clarke.
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