5 Wild & Heartbreaking Theories About How ‘Game Of Thrones’ Will End

Um, we don’t mean to alarm you but there’s ONLY ONE EPISODE OF GAME OF THRONES LEFT.

One episode left in a show we’ve had hooked into our veins for the last eight years. Everyone has a theory for how they think the show will end, but who’s actually right? Will Jon Snow sit on the Iron Throne? Will Daenerys get more dragons? Will true love win and Brienne and Tormund end up together? WHO KNOWS!

But the internet sure does love a fan theory, and we’ve rounded up the best of them to distract our hearts from the fact this show is almost over.

Spoilers ahead, friends, so please be careful if you haven’t seen all of season 8 yet!

Here are 5 fan theories about how Game of Thrones will end:

#1. Daenerys will be the final enemy, and Jon will kill her

After destroying King’s Landing and killing everyone in it, Daenerys has become a Mad Queen and many people believe she’s become the final enemy in the show. Calm down, Dany.

The pieces of this theory have been kicking around for a while, but now they’re all falling into place. Back in season 2, before our hearts had been broken into a million pieces by this show, Daenerys had a vision of the Iron Throne covered in what looks like snow, in the ruins of King’s Landing.

Originally, we thought this represented the Night King invading. But now we know that King’s Landing didn’t fall to the Night King (thanks to Arya, the baddest bitch in all the land, we stan), but to Daenerys. After the latest episode, some have theorised the snow we saw in the vision could actually be ash, or, that the snow is probably for Jon Snow.

What’s more, our hero will probably be responsible for defeating the final boss and stopping the Mad Queen from taking the throne.

#2. Jon Snow will fulfil the Azor Ahai prophecy

Poor Dany, but that’s not even the only reason people think Jon will kill her.

Many viewers think that Jon is the Prince Who Was Promised — a reincarnation of the legendary hero Azor Ahai. Back in the day, Azor wielded the Lightbringer sword to defeat a great evil and save the world from darkness.

Obviously this fits pretty well with our hero, but some keen fans have dug deeper into the prophecy, which states that Azor Ahai will be “Born amidst salt and smoke, beneath a bleeding star.”

Jon Snow was literally born beneath a bleeding star, which we see in this vision of his birth in season six. It would also finally give us an explanation as to why Jon was brought back from the dead, other than nobody wanting to live in a world without Kit Harrington on our screens every week.

But to forge Lightbringer, the key to saving the world, Azor had to kill his one true love. If Jon Snow is Azor Ahir and is prophecised to wield a new Lightbringer, then Daenerys will most likely be sacrificed to forge the sword and save Westeros from the Long Night.

#3. Gendry will take his place as the rightful heir to the Iron Throne

Sweet baby bird Gendry is the last surviving bastard child of Robert Baratheon. Or is he actually the only legitimate son of Robert and Cersei Lannister? Gendry fans have been putting the clues together and have come up with a pretty convincing theory that he’s Cersei’s son and the last surviving Baratheon.

Waaaay back in season one, Cersei told Catelyn Stark about her black-haired son who died when he was a baby. Gendry, for his part, only remembers one thing about his mum: that she had yellow hair. Toss in the fact that he grew up as a peasant but landed a sweet gig as a blacksmith thanks to an anonymous donor (probably Varys on behalf of Cersei) paying his hefty apprentice fee, and you’ve got yourself a theory!

If this is true, then Gendry would have a legitimate claim on the Iron Throne. Perhaps it won’t be Dany or Jon on the throne after all, or perhaps Gendry will get screwed over despite his heritage.

#4. Bran will be revealed as the Lord of Light

Followers of the Lord of Light religion worship R’hllor — the god of light, heat and life, and believe in his antithesis, the Great Other — the god of ice and death. The two gods are in an eternal struggle, at war to control Westeros.

One Reddit user has pointed out that “the god of ice and death” sounds pretty similar to the recently iced Night King. And if the Night King is actually the Great Other, then it suggests that the Three-Eyed Raven (and in effect Bran) is R’hllor.

This would explain why the Night King came for Bran during the Battle for Winterfell, and why Bran is such a powerful warg and greenseer. If R’hllor has finally defeated the Great Other, does that mean that the cycle of the White Walkers has ended?

#5. Jon Snow will take the black again

According to a poll on Reddit, more than 300,000 people think Jon Snow will win the Iron Throne. But others are more convinced that he’ll refuse to rule, and instead go back to the Night’s Watch. Some people even think that he’ll be sent there as punishment for killing Daenerys.

This theory was part of a massive leak of season 8 plot details that came out a few weeks ago. And we hate to say it, but almost everything else in the so-called leak has come true so far so it’s looking pretty legit. If you’re feeling particularly self-destructive, you can read all of the potential spoilers here.

Another popular theory is that Jon will see proof of more White Walkers beyond the Wall right as the show ends, which would be a nice way to murder all of our hearts.

Whatever happens in the final episode, we’re not ready.