bachelor in paradise

Tonight’s Bonkers Bachy Ep Summarised In Hilarious Tweets

Wowza. That was quite the Bachelor In Paradise episode. We saw three faves exit, while a cooked debacle over a fraudulent love letter sent the island into a downward spiral of deceit and broken friendships. (Too dramatic?)

Michael decided to leave the island because…ummm??… then Lisa and Luke exited together because…. ummm?? Oh well. Byeeeeeee.


As three left, one newbie entered in the form of Canadian Thomas, who took a liking to Megan before she savagely shuts down his date invite. Her loss tho. The fellas decided to take him out for a manly spa sesh and it was the cutest television of 2018 so far.

Then at the rose ceremony #LetterGate took hold of the gang with Elora thinking she received a love letter from American Jarrod. Many assumed that Simone sent it but in fact it was EDEN. Holy hell, it was a nasty thing to do but when Elora got her chance to send him home she DIDN’T. Wtf.

Here’s ep 10 of Bachelor In Paradise summarised in 10 hilarious tweets:

1. Michael decided to leave paradise.

2. After his non-existent relationship with Lisa ended.

3. Then Lisa and Luke also went ahead and exited the island.

4. The fellas took newbie Thomas on a date.

5. They made an adorbs lil crew.

6. They bathed together in a milk bath and it was romantic AF.

7. It did give us all some nasty flashbacks.

8. #LetterGate ended by Eden fessing up to sending the fake love note to Elora.

9. Eden is cancelled.

10. Eden somehow made it through with a rose, but we are DONE with him.

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