LMAO: Tonight’s Bachy Retold Via Its Funniest Tweets

Another one bites the dust, as Bachy served us a weird car racing episode edition and we all prayed for simpler times when contestants had chocolate baths and ate dirty streets pies.

Next week’s evictee Intruder Jamie-Lee went on a solo date and hated every second of it. While Tenille decided she HATES roses and didn’t even bother attending the rose ceremony.

She probz just wanted to go on a cheeky Macca’s run. Let her live.

Tbh, the ep was a disaster. The only way to suffer through the pain is to read these hilarious tweets until the screaming stops.

Tonight’s Bachy retold via its funniest tweets:

The group date had four girls doing car tricks to win a box of avocados.

Sophie won and scored a dirty pash from Nick. He really… got into her hair.

Intruder Jamie-Lee went on a solo date with Bachy, which involved swords and awkward silences.

At the cocktail party, Tenille and Nick had a D&M, which ended in her leaving the competition.

We don’t really understand either.

And, btw, Cass reminded everyone she STILL hasn’t got her solo date yet. But next week my friends, it’s finally happening!