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Tonight’s Clusterfuck Of A MAFS Episode Retold Through Its Funniest Tweets

Another day, another ep of Married at First Sight to make our own dating lives feel a little less grim. On tonight’s episode, two of our fave couples had a fight but only one of them survived to continue the experiment. Meanwhile, Davina and Dean had their secret date and we all vomited inside our mouths.

Telv and Sarah butted heads over Telv still having dating apps on his phone. Sarah was NOT HAPPY. Jeez. Give the guy a break. Even worse, Matt went and broke Alycia’s heart, ending their relationship and quitting the experiment. It was god awful to watch, and seeing Alycia cry hit straight in the feelz.

Ashley took Troy rock-climbing, which was especially hilarious as he was terrible at it and it mostly involved Ashley laughing right in his face. These two bring QUALITY television.

On the flip-side is Dean and Davina, who finally had their date. It went about as well as expected, they complimented each other’s looks over and over, without completing full sentences. It was as shallow as you can get but it sounds like they’re going to actually give this ‘secret infidelity on national television’ a red hot go. No shame.

Here’s ep 11 of Married at First Sight retold through its funniest tweets:

Davina actually let Ryan get a tattoo of her and we all died a little inside. Poor fella.

Alycia and Matt broke up.

Ashley made Troy go rock-climbing and it was a spectacular mess.

Davina and Dean had their date, fell in shallow love and we all collectively cringed across Australia.

We actually miss this guy. Jonesy was never this bad.

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