married at first sight recap

Tonight’s Dramatic MAFS Commitment Ceremony Retold Through Its Funniest Tweets

While the promos promised an ep full of surprises, tonight’s third commitment ceremony on Married at First Sight’s was actually all a bit of a fizzer compared to previous ceremonies.

But there were some obvious highlights. Troy telling Ashley he loved her to a response of radio silence was memorable, to say the least. The poor bloke is must be living on another planet (but actually). Telv saying he felt good enough for Sarah was super touching, as we all plunged ever deeper into our investment in their relationship to last until the end of time.

Gabrielle had ENOUGH of Nasser’s friendzone rubbish and he didn’t take it overly well. He threw a big ol’ tantrum and luckily got called out for his uncool treatment of Tracey at the previous dinner.

Dean and Tracey decided to continue in the experiment (boo!), while Davina finally set Ryan free (yay!). The same can’t be said for Blair and Sean – but at this stage, we really don’t know or care who these people are.

Twitter was in fine form making us lol all the way through the ep.

Here’s tonight’s dramatic commitment ceremony ep retold through its funniest tweets:

Gabby gave Nasser a warning that she wanted out of the friendzone and he didn’t take it well. Tbh he acted like a bit of a knob.

Ashley and Troy were on completely different pages, as Troy admitted he was in love with wife Ashley. Fucking awkward.

Tracey decided to stay with Dean and we all banged our head against the nearest sturdy wall.

Davina tortured us all, before thankfully choosing to leave the experiment.

Ryan is FREE. Our boi is freeeeeeeeee.