bachelorette funniest tweets episode 2

Tonight’s Messy ‘Bachelorette’ Retold Via Its Funniest Tweets

Guess who’s back! Back again! Bachy’s back! Grab some gin! (Just me?). Here we are for episode two of The Bachelorette and it looks like our boi Charlie has gone full Jarrod.

We kicked things off as Ali picked Charlie for a death-defying date. The two sat on a Twister mat in the middle of the sky, as the producers continued to run out of decent date ideas.

The fellas’ group date saw them pose for Mills & Boon, and they did a great job of channelling Fabio in an erotic novel cover shoot. It was just as filthy as it sounds but the best bit was seeing Paddy look like a right knob dressed as a bellboy. VERY UNFIT.

The drama stage is set as Charlie gets on the rest of lads’ nerves and Twitter continues to shoot back straight fire.

Tonight’s Bachy retold via its funniest tweets:

Ali chose Charlie for the first date and as is tradition, they almost plunged to their deaths.

Tbh I’m slowly warming to Ali’s season.

The group photo shoot had the boys front erotic novels and Jules was A BIG MOOD.

Paddy was stitched up and we loved every second of it.

At the cocktail party, Charlie was a bit desperate and gave us dreaded Jarrod vibes.

Ali sent that kilt guy home, but not before she PASHED ON with Robert. We applaud her.