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If You Love Sticking Your Nose In Other People’s Relationships You’ll Love This Podcast

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If you can’t tell from our love for all reality dating shows like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Married At First Sight, here at Punkee we love sticking our noses into relationship drama.

However, if you’re sick of the reality tropes and the fact every second reality star now is a wannabe influencer, and you’re missing the real connections, stories, and dramas from these shows, I have a glowing podcast recommendation for you called Everyone Has An Ex.

You might even recognise the host’s name – Georgia Love, one of the best Bachelorettes to hit our screens. Georgia is the narrator of the podcast, providing the basics of the storyline before handing it over to real-life people who have gone through some real-life shit.

It’s equal parts compelling, emotional, wholesome, and horrifying depending on what episode you listen to. One episode may make you give up on love completely, while the next one pulls you in listening to a unique way two people met.

From cheating, to crimes, to same-sex relationships, to finding your identity again, ‘Everyone Has An Ex’ has it all.

Season one starts with Tully Smyth, of Big Brother fame, opening up about that now-infamous cheating moment, but it then goes on to explore the stories of everyday people who have faced loss, trauma, an identity-crisis, and come out the other side stronger and better than ever.

Personally, I am someone who struggles massively to get into and then commit to podcasts and I have smashed through season one in the space of a week. So take it from me, you’re gonna get hooked.

Listen to Everyone Has An Ex here.