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Let’s Reminisce On The Wholesome Time All The Bachy Boys Serenaded Georgia Love

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It’s pretty much a known fact that 2016 provided us with one of our strongest seasons of The Bachelorette. The guys were funny without being too cringey. The drama was heightened but not over the top. And there were a couple of light-hearted villains thrown in, but nothing to the level of Mayor Jess or Stage-5 Jamie from Angie’s season.

Overall, the season was incredibly wholesome too. Georgia was a great Bachelorette and proved her relatability from the very first night, where she accidentally slipped over in front of all her new boyfriends but recovered without spilling a drop of wine.

It’s the season we met fan fave Matty J who went on to become the 2017 Bachelor, and firefighter Cam also stole our hearts. Georgia also found her happy ever after with Lee and the two are now happily engaged.

We also met that guy Ben who kept making jokes about nervous poos and who could ever forget Courtney, a hot favourite until he couldn’t express one single feeling?

But we’re here today to talk about one particular moment from that season that, to this day, might just be the most wholesome thing we’ve ever seen on a Bachy series.

Remember the time all of Georgia Love’s Bachy boys wrote a song about her?!

It started off with Fireman Cam grabbing his guitar, sitting Georgia down, and getting ready to serenade her.

georgia love the bachelorette

As the other boys gathered around, gently ribbing him, Georgia told them to back off thinking they were trying to throw Cam off his game. But once he got started, one by one each boy started interjecting with his own line of the song, and then they all joined in for a resounding chorus.

It was truly the sweetest thing. Even if poor Lee couldn’t hold a tune to save his life.

lee elliot georgia love the bachelorette

And this guy had no idea what was going on.

the bachelorette georgia love song

Oh, and whoever this is… the interpretive dancing really added another level.

georgia love bachelorette

Stand out lyrics included:

“Georgia, oh Georgia, eyes are sparkling blue
We’ve had some free time lately, and we’ve been thinking of you.”

Georgia’s reaction was absolutely priceless.

georgia love the bachelorette

It’s not every day you get a whole bunch of handsome men singing to you after all.

If you feel like brightening your day, you can watch the whole thing on 10play here.