YAAS: Sweet Angel Gendry Scores Major Role In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Climax

Let’s be real, if we get anymore hyped for Game of Thrones season eight, we may cease to function. Ahead of its final season, it sounds like GoT is making up for lost time and giving our fave character Gendry the airtime he deserves (and we deserve tbh).

After watching Gendry row away into seeming non-existence at the end of season three, we waited a loooong time (four freakin’ years) to see that Baratheon bastard and verified hottie with a body make a comeback.

The joy at seeing him join Jon Snow in his expedition beyond The Wall was one of the absolute highlights of GoT season seven, because….Gendry.

Now Joe Dempsie (who plays Gendry) has spilled some exciting insight into his role in the final season while speaking to Digitial Spy, starting with the fact that he’s in it “a fair bit,” so BRING IT ON.

“I’ve done well out of it this year, for sure,” he said, before adding a little warning that “As with all these things, we never shoot in chronological order – so you might have people coming in at the beginning and at the end, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they make it all the way through!”

Dempsie is just stoked to be a part of the climactic final GoT season because he gets how huge this pop culture moment is for us all.

“For me personally, the only real hope I had for the character was just that he would be there when the reckoning came. You got the sense – even back in season three – that this was a show that was building towards some incredible climax, so you just wanted to be there when it all happened.”

“Not even necessarily just from a character point-of-view, [but] from a personal point of view – to be stood there on the set when they’re making that ending… that end game. So yeah, I’m very happy to be involved and be on set for season eight.”


Apparently bringing back Gendry was always the series’ intent and we are all grateful AF they followed through in such a big way. Lovely, humble Joe shared that:

“It wouldn’t have surprised me, and it wouldn’t have angered me at all, if they’d got to season 7 and just not really had time for Gendry.

“So to not only come back and have that loose end tied up, but to have been given the amount of story I got, has been great – because not everyone gets that.”

Very true.

Sweet baby angel Joe also admitted he’s just stoked to not have to deal with the incessant questioning of when tha fuqqq Gendry would be returning to show/if at all.

Admittedly we’ve been committed to that line of questioning but all from a place of love Joe.

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