glowdry fake tan drying powder

I Tested Out Fake Tan Drying Powder & OMFG, What Sorcery Is This?

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With winter now long gone, the season for getting our legs out is finally here and we can break free from pants and stockings. Translation: it’s time to get back into your fake tan routine.

But while looking tanned is great and all, the process to get there almost makes me avoid it completely. A fresh fake tan leaves you sticky, uncomfortable and often in for a restless night of sleeping with your legs getting glued together.

It’s just not a good time. I usually spend hours after a tan walking around the house like I have an imaginary saddle between my legs.

So when I spotted an ad for a fake tan drying powder on Instagram recently, I may have audibly screamed at my phone.

GlowDry offer a powder that can be applied to your body after fake tanning and the product boasts that it dries fake tan, masks odour, and most importantly eliminates stickiness so you can get fully dressed without the tan transferring to your clothes

GlowDry is Australian-made, organic, vegan, cruelty-free and the containers are refillable. Tbh, it all sounds too good to be true so I decided I had to try it out for myself.

I tested out GlowDry Australia’s fake tan drying powder:

First up, I must say I was loving the look of the body brush. It is soft and lush, and its bristles feel like angels are dancing across my skin. OK, I’ve never actually tried a body brush before so I might be a little too excited.

glowdry fake tan drying powder

The powder smelt really good and the canister is pretty big which was a pleasant surprise as you never know how generous these products will be.

But peering inside I was a little worried about how much I’d need to use each time. I’m a tall girl, so I assumed I’d use a fair bit to reach the ends of all my long limbs.

glowdry fake tan drying powder

I set a whole night aside for this experiment and started with applying Le Tan’s Instant Foaming Mousse, which we found to be the best fake tan in our road test story comparing brands.

With a layer of fake tan over my whole body, I let it set for about 10 minutes. Then opening the powder, I dived in with my brush and dusted it across my skin.

A little bit went a long way and I found I didn’t need much at all.

glowdry fake tan drying powder

The powder formula actually has a hint of glitter in it, which at first I thought was weird until I realised it makes it easier to see what areas I’d covered.

Brushing the powder over my entire body probably only took about three to five minutes.

Once the powder was all over me, I immediately felt much less sticky. I could sit on my couch comfortably, when I’m usually sprawled on it, with my limbs in the air avoiding all surfaces.

I also noticed the difference when walking as my legs didn’t stick to each other. In bed, the stickiness was reduced and I didn’t feel as gross in my sheets.

But I had to do the ultimate test…

How would I go wearing white clothes over it?

I slid on a white t-shirt and honestly I felt like I was committing the cardinal sin of fake tanning. It gave me a little thrill. I’m such a maverick.

I stayed in the t-shirt for a few hours to really gauge whether the tan would transfer.

glowdry fake tan drying powder

I waited a full 12 hours for the tan to develop before I checked the inside of the t-shirt the following day.

It was still a pristine white. I was a little shook.

I was very impressed with it all.

The final verdict?

This is some game-changing magic right here. The powder took away most of the stickiness, which made me worry less about stuffing up my tan whenever my skin was to attach to a random surface. My only concern was that the powder itself may have interfered with my tan developing or left weird patterns on my skin.

But my legs the next day? Tanned to perfection. No marks or evidence of the powder.

glowdry fake tan drying powder


I will definitely be including GlowDry in my future tanning routine and am looking forward to being able to walk around the house post-tan without looking like I’m straddling a small goat.

The GlowDry Starter Kit costs $58 and you can find all the info here.