Hannah Montana’s Best Bangers Ranked From Great To Extraordinary

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We are so blesséd to have lived in the same era as Hannah Montana’s all-too-brief music career.

Hannah Montana was one of Disney’s greatest creations. Not only did Hannah bring us some of the most iconic ~looks~ that fashion has ever seen, she also gave us track after track of absolute musical gold.

*honestly he may not

Over four wonderful seasons and a movie (which will go down in history thanks to the undeniable greatness of ‘The Climb’), Miley Cyrus gave life to the blonde bubblegum pop star and we are eternally grateful. Hannah Montana’s popularity became bigger than the show itself because she was releasing such fire music IRL and we just couldn’t get enough. What happened to Hannah!

F*** you Miley we don’t believe you!!!

To be clear, there is no bad Hannah Montana song. Legit, no duds. How did she do that? such talent! But if we’re picking the cream of the crop, only 15 of her more than 40 tracks could make the cut. And now it’s time to get around the only countdown that matters.

Let us all indulge in a healthy dose of Hannah Montana bangers, ranked from realllllllly damn great to abso-fuckin-lutely amazing. 

15. Who Said

I mean, if you ever need a mad burst of self-confidence injected into your day, this is THE song. Bury your insecurities under this ultimate bop from the ultimate queen of positive self-talk.

14. Ordinary Girl

Four seasons later and the double-life concept still isn’t tired. I could listen to Hannah Montana sing about her split personality lifestyle 4eva.

13. We Got The Party (Ft. The Jonas Brothers)

If we just overlook the fact that the beginning seems to bare an uncanny resemblance to Kim Wilde’s iconic 1981 hit ‘Kids in America’, then this song is a jam. Also lol @ The Jonas Brothers’ hair do’s – me oh my.

12. True Friend

There are not enough friendship bangers in this world! Thank your lucky stars that our lord and saviour Hannah Montana stepped up to the plate!

11. Life’s What You Make It

When Hannah Montana tells you to carpe diem, you carpe fucking diem bby! A truly iconic early Hanna track.

10. Let’s Get Crazy

Warning: the cravings to watch the Hannah Montana movie after watching the following vid will consume you. Enjoy the track at your own risk.

9. The Other Side Of Me

Hannah Montana has 2 SIDES PPL DID U KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby Hannah is so wholesome. Fuck yes to this pure, unadulterated pop.

8. One In A Million

For when you wanna slow things down and have an emotional cry, Hannah hits you with ‘One in a Million’. Ooft.

7. If We Were A Movie

Bubblegum pop absolutely couldn’t get cheesier than this and I love every single second of this rom-com tribute track.

6. He Could Be The One

This song legit got to #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 (her most successful single on the charts) and it’s a rad Shania Twain-esque masterpiece. Shit, Hannah is so versatile people we need GET HER BACK @miley.

5. Rockstar

Sure, it’s a bit of a stretch to say Hannah Montana is a ‘rockstar’ but this is a MAD beat with a SICK guitar riff and also Hannah Montana is lyf kk.

4. I’ve Got Nerve

a) Catchy as hell, b) absolute perfection, c) how does she do it???

3. Bigger Than Us

Ok, now we’re getting to the most iconic Hannah tracks and this slides into 3rd place as the song that really could have solved world peace with just a bit more exposure. I’m still not ruling it out. This song is powerful.

2. Nobody’s Perfect


But srsly it never gets old.

1. The Best Of Both Worlds

The OG, quintessential Hannah Montana song. ‘The Best Of Both Worlds’ brings you back instantly to a better time, sitting in front of the tv about to watch a new ep of Hannah Montana. #NeverForget.