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TikTokers Are Posting The Funniest Editing Fails In Netflix’s ‘He’s All That’

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He’s All That has blessed us with a lot: hilarious memes, truly cursed moments, and cheeky She’s All That easter eggs.

For the unfamiliar, He’s All That is a gender-flipped 2021 remake of 1999 classic, She’s All That. It’s essentially the same story, following the most popular student in school as they attempt to win a bet by giving the school geek a makeover. TikTok star Addison Rae slides into the Freddie Prinze Jr. role, while Tanner Buchanan copped the Rachael Leigh Cook nerd-turned-hottie makeover treatment.

Aside from sharing a plot, the two movies couldn’t be more different — while She’s All That is a nostalgic classic, He’s All That has received mixed reviews. One qualm viewers have with the  film is the many editing fails scattered throughout the teen rom-com reboot. People on TikTok have posted some of the worst instances, from disappearing limbs to acting blunders and frequent inconsistencies.

This movie is a low-key mess — but one I need to re-watch immediately.

Let’s journey through some of editing fails that TikTokers have discovered in Netflix’s He’s All That:

In the iconic scene where Padgett (Addison) performs ‘Teenage Dream’ at the pool party, while she’s doing her TikTok-inspired dance moves, all of a sudden her hand disappears. It turns out that not only can Padgett do a mean Katy Perry routine, she also has invisibility powers! Neat.

This mistake suggests that Addison performed the dance in front of a green screen and something went awry. Oops.

@enewtzzz😂 how good are special effects #hesallthat #hesallthatnetflix♬ original sound – Emma Newton

In another scene where Padgett apparently takes her makeup off, it’s immediately obvious that not only does Addison never even touch her face with the makeup pad, but in the next scene, she is still wearing a full face of makeup.

@mayaostrowskii##greenscreenvideo no hate I think @addisonre is gorgeous but it’s funny hehe – don’t forget to click the + besties 🥸 ##addisonrae ##hesallthat♬ Like I Can – Sam Smith

In yet another awkward moment, a TikToker noticed that in one scene the background characters were all moving in slow-mo, but in the foreground Addison and Tanner stayed in regular speed.

@theonlycb3Reply to @sinbadisgoated I have a bad habit of pointing out small details but how does that happen? 🤣 (Instagram: c.b.3) ##hesallthat ##addisonrae♬ original sound – Charles Brockman III

This next one is so funny. Padgett is supposed to be handing out leaflets at school, but you can see in the scene that Addison is just pretending to give out paper — she’s actually handing out nothing.

@user286945146🕳🧑‍🦯 #fypシ #hesallthat #addisonre♬ original sound – <3

In a scene with Addison, her mouth is not moving while she’s supposed to be speaking. It happens to the best of us!

@coopeethecoopI only watched this for Matthew Lillard’s 5 minutes of screen time #hesallthat #hesallthatnetflix #addisonrae♬ original sound – courts

Then there were the many moments that weren’t so much mistakes, but are still straight-up cringe watching back.

@theonlycb3Reply to @thegiacobra follow my IG: c.b.3 for more! Here’s he’s all that on @netflix part 2! @hesallthatthemovie @addisonre ##hesallthat ##addisonrae♬ original sound – Charles Brockman III

This movie is the gift that keeps on giving.

You can stream He’s All That on Netflix.