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A Definitive Ranking Of All The Daggy Hairstyles We Rocked In High School

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There is nothing that sends me into a blind panic like thinking about high school hairstyles from the ’00s. Memories may fade but photographic evidence lasts forever.

Luckily for me, I went to school just before Facebook exploded so most of my cringiest moments will never be unearthed. But that doesn’t mean I don’t remember all of the terrible hairstyles my classmates and I would rock, thinking we belonged in The O.C. The absolute horror.

The noughties really was a wild time to be alive and the high school hairstyles that reigned during that period were err… definitely unique.

A ranking of the daggy high school hairstyles we all rocked, from worst to best:

#18. Shaved on One Side

The worst kind of hair trend is the type that permanently ruins your hair. While for a couple of months it might have seemed cool to shave one side of your head, it would take years to grow back.

High School Hairstyles

#17. Peroxide Blonde

For a while it seemed like there was some kind of rite of passage for Year 7 boys to complete their ‘bad boy’ transformation by bleaching their hair. I assume it was supposed to turn blonde but always came out a shade of yellow, while they’re thinking they look like the next Slim Shady.

High School Hairstyles


#16. Zig-Zag Part

No offence but some of the ’00s hairstyles were extremely boring and the zig-zag part was peak basic.

high school hairstyles

#15. Blonde with Black Underneath

I blame Christina Aguilera for this. Basically, all the hot blonde girls in high school started dying their layers underneath black. If you really wanted to commit, you’d chuck a few red streaks in too.

High School Hairstyles

Via Pinterest

#14. The Mullet

While this isn’t peak ’00s, there was always one kid who would think it’s still acceptable to have a mullet. Usually it was a guy you never actually saw in class but at the bus station every arvo trying to bum a ciggie.

#13. Chunky Headband

Now THIS was a style I could get around. Blair Waldorf, eat your heart out.

High School Hairstyles

#12. Spiky Hair with Too Much Gel

Did you even go to high school if you weren’t surrounded by a sea of spiky hair teens dripping in hair gel?

High School Hairstyles

Via YouTube

#11. Pinned Back Poof

For a period in the noughties the epitome of cool was teasing your fringe into a quiff and pinning it back with a handful of bobby pins. Things were simpler then.

High School Hairstyles

#10. The Bieber

I’m happy this trend was short-lived but as Justin Bieber exploded and became a fully-fledged phenomenon, his side-swept fringe became a massive trend among teens.

High School Hairstyles

#9. The Bowl Cut

There is no Bieber without the mighty bowl cut. Don’t get it twisted, Bieber’s hair is just a stylised bowl.

#8. Two Front Pieces

No updo was complete without two thin strands of hair framing your face. So chic.

High School Hairstyles

#7. Rat Tail

You can’t say it wasn’t low-maintenance…

High School Hairstyles

Via Men’s Hair Forum

#6. Pink Streaks

This look was typically achieved with coloured hair clips but if you were a real badass you’d actually dye your hair for real and wait for the pink to ruin all your white clothes.

High School Hairstyles

#5. Crimped

While you might envision looking like Lizzie McGuire, you’d more often end up looking like a possessed poodle.

High School Hairstyles

#4. The Bird’s Nest

Take your mind back to when Short Stack were the biggest band in Australia, this hot mess of a hairstyle was the absolute coolest.

High School Hairstyles

#3. Dead Straight Hair

This was by far the least imaginative ’00s trend. It was all about having completely straight hair, created via hair straighteners or if you old-school…just a straight-up iron and ironing board.

High School Hairstyles

#2. Frosted Tips

There was nothing more alluring at high school than that one popular guy in Year 8 with the frosted tips. It was the ultimate bad boy hairstyle.

High School Hairstyles

#1. Black Hair with an Emo Fringe

No hairstyle brings back nostalgia more than emo hair. Whether you were a guy, a girl or non-binary, all you needed was some black hair dye, a sharp fringe and to hack at the rest of your hair and you were ready for the Black Parade.

high school hairstyles

I’m off to listen to 30 Seconds To Mars’ ‘The Kill’ and paint my keyboard black.