hilary duff singing raise your voice

We Need To Talk About Hilary Duff’s Solo In ‘Raise Your Voice’ Because It Is Batshit Insane

There’s nothing more ‘00s than TV stars from Nickelodeon and Disney branching out and trying their hand at more mature roles.

Amanda Bynes did it best in What a Girl Wants. Miley Cyrus gave acting a crack after Hannah Montana ended. But we’re here to talk about Hilary Duff and, specifically, her role in 2004 film Raise Your Voice.

This movie. What a masterpiece. For the uninitiated, the story follows Hilary as an aspiring singer, who gets accepted into a prestigious arts program after her brother applies for her…err, just before he died in a car accident. Yeah, there’s a lot happening.

Make no mistake, there are many questionable plot points from beginning to end. It’s a shitshow and I love every second of it.

But I’m here to talk about one specific scene where Terri (Hilary’s character) sings in front of her classmates and seems to impress everyone. As Max Grossman noted in a viral tweet from earlier this year, this is clearly not Hilary’s singing voice. It is just bonkers.

Pls enjoy Hilary Duff’s solo:

Ummm. Huh?


Let’s watch it again:

It is absolutely baffling. How did anyone watch this scene (me included) and not question how this ever got through the editing phase?

I have so many questions…

But I’ve decided I’m not going to wonder why it happened but instead just be grateful that we have evidence of this iconic lip syncing fail. I can’t believe the same person who gifted us The Lizzie McGuire Movie AND iconic album Metamorphosis also did this. Hilary Duff gave us so much. We are unworthy.

And it looks like Hilary has some competition.

Anyways, I’m off to rewatch this Hilary Duff classic because it is genuinely THE BEST.