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Women Are Roasting The Embarrassing Voice Memos Men Are Posting On Hinge

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Being a straight women is hard enough on dating apps, with the cringe-worthy bios and fish-heavy profile pics, but now Hinge has gone and added a totally new component to dating apps that women have to endure: voice prompts.

This isn’t just something on men’s profiles, of course, it was a change brought in for all Hinge profiles last month. The app now allows users to answer a prompt with their voice — rather than typing out their response — and the results are pure nightmare fuel.

According to Hinge, the 30-second voice recording function was added due to the company finding that 65% of its users say they believe hearing someone’s voice would help them decide if they were interested in a match. “With the introduction of Voice Prompts, we’re adding more authenticity to the profile experience, allowing users to fully display their personality in a new way,” Hinge’s chief product officer Michelle Parsons said. While dating apps like Bumble and Happn allow users to send voice notes via messages, Hinge is the first to feature a voice function in a person’s profile.

A voice prompt sounds innocent enough but hearing a stranger’s speaking voice in the middle of their profile is all kinds of strange and unsettling: from my experience so far, every voice prompt I’ve heard has come across as deeply creepy, or just boring. Like, someone saying their deepest secret is that they hate dolphins, or explaining how they like to make their Vegemite toast. Thanks for sharing but keep that to yourself!

With the introduction of Hinge’s new function, women have started uploading and roasting on TikTok some of the weirder voice prompts they had encountered on the app. And hoeeee boy!

Let’s go through some of the worst voice prompts from Hinge.

There’s this man who simply says that dating him is like dating a king.

@bodegacatnikkiThank you Hinge for helping me swipe left ##hingeapp ##hingedating ##hingevoiceprompts ##PlutoTVDecades♬ original sound – Nicole Paulino

This man who overshares so much that it will make your skin crawl.

@shennyfromtheblock_#greenscreenvideo i just know he treats women like property. It sounds like he’s reading from a script. #fyp #hinge #voiceprompt♬ original sound – Shen

This man who we all hope soon finds some self-esteem.

@lalehkhorsandiReceiving weird messages AND VOICE PROMPTS?!! #greenscreenvideo #datingnyc #hingedating #fyp #hingeapp #PradaBucketChallenge #♬ original sound – Laleh Khorsandi

This is a creepy journey from start to finish.

@janerizzotkeSha completely destroyed me. ##hinge ##hingevoiceprompts♬ original sound – Frank

There’s so many embarrassing Hinge voice prompts on TikTok that this user had made an art form out of it, giving dramatic performances of some of the weirder voice memos she’s heard.

@evmariexo✨Unhinged✨ Hinge prompts: PART 2 ##hinge ##audioprompt ##hingeaudio ##greenscreenvideo ##hingevoiceprompts ##datingapp ##hingedating ##ForzaHorizon5GO ##datinginyour20s ##foryou ##fy ##fyp♬ original sound – Evie

If you were starting to lose faith in not just humanity, but the possibility of meeting a nice/normal guy on these apps, then same! But thankfully, this TikTok has sampled a few voice prompts that are actually quite funny.

@salty_caroline_It truly never disappoints ##hinge##hingevoicememo##hingevoiceprompts##voiceprompt♬ original sound – caroline

So don’t worry, it’s not all bad… but it mostly is very bad!