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Can The ‘Home And Away’ Writers Please Cut Sam Frost’s Character Some Slack?

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Home and Away is the best primetime Aussie soap out there. Neighbours fans, sorry, don’t @ me.

I’ve watched it on and off for years, and while I’ve missed a few good chunks of it along the way, isolating has sucked me right back into the drama, eagerly anticipating the arrival of that hot new Kiwi guy, thrilled to see Leah was finally found safe and sound after being abducted, and getting way too invested in the ‘Who’s Ziggy’s daddy?’ storyline.

But the real issue I want to talk about today, is poor Jasmine, played by Sam Frost. I can’t help but think the writers have it IN for that girl and I’m scared to see where tonight’s episode takes us with Jasmine’s pregnancy.

You see, after losing her husband Robbo earlier this year (can I just say I’m obsessed with Jasmine constantly calling her husband by his nickname? “I, Jasmine, take you, ROBBO”) Jasmine was thrilled to discover she was pregnant with his baby.

Jasmine’s been bonding lately with Tori who, uh, gave birth to Robbo’s other baby, Grace, not long before he died. (This in itself is a whole story about Tori using Robbo’s donated sperm again after miscarrying her first child, except the second time around she didn’t have Robbo’s permission I think… anyway what a mess.)

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But things have been going TOO well. Something is lurking in the shadows.

We can tell by how smiley Jasmine and Tori have been lately. We can tell by last night’s episode where Jasmine lovingly picked up Grace and caught her reflection in the mirror, positively glowing with happiness. She’s said many times this miraculous pregnancy with Robbo’s baby is the only thing keeping her going, and my friends, this is some dramatic foreshadowing!

So as Jasmine has just allegedly crossed the 12-week mark, I was emotionally preparing for her to miscarry the baby sometime this week. I woke this morning with a sense of foreboding, taking deep breaths while thinking about how rough tonight’s episode is going to be for Jasmine. But, as it turns out because I hadn’t seen the episodes where Jasmine REVEALED her pregnancy to everyone, things aren’t exactly what they seem.

Avid Home & Away viewers would know that Jasmine announced her pregnancy after experiencing what she thought were symptoms but, well, never took a pregnancy test.

Eagle-eyed fans were pretty quick to theorise the probable storyline.

Needless to say, Home and Away viewers are starting to get stressed about Jasmine’s situation:

And some fans even think things may get worse for the young widow:

All will most probably be revealed in tonight’s episode, but I am begging you Home and Away writers… I know it’s too late, but hasn’t Jasmine suffered ENOUGH?! Is she on track for being the next Leah, who can’t go a year without a divorce, cheating scandal, or abduction? Can’t you throw some of your young men this kind of chaos instead and cut the woman some slack?! I’ll tune in tonight of course, but it’ll be with utter trepidation.

Poor Sam Frost. First Blake Garvey, now this.