I Rewatched Sally’s Dramatic Stabbing On ‘Home & Away’ & I Have Questions

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It doesn’t take all that much to bring a tear to my eye. It happens when I least expect it too. In the car, switching radio stations. Sneaking its way into my Spotify daily playlist. As soon as the first chords of Evermore’s ‘Light Surrounding You’ play, I’m transported back to that dark place.

The year was 2006 and Sally was finally finding some happiness on Home and Away, after losing her husband Flynn. She shared a cheeky pash with Brad Armstrong, her colleague at the local high school, and as she was happily heading back to her car with plans to meet him for dinner later, she was accosted by Rocco who stabbed her.

Now, Rocco was a pupil at the high school. Brad was concerned because Rocco was a former gang member and Brad didn’t want him enrolled at the school but Sally overruled him, saying Rocco deserved a chance.

Rocco started to get his act together, but his evil brother Johnny arrived in Summer Bay to confront him about leaving the gang life behind and threatened him with death if he didn’t partake in helping Johnny out with whatever crimes he felt like undertaking.

A classic Home and Away storyline, really.

Rocco ended up turning Johnny in, but when he visited Johnny in prison, Johnny ordered Rocco to kill Sally or be killed himself. Which brings us here.

A teary Rocco confronted Sally in the school parking lot and, well, watch below.

‘Silent Night’ was also forever cursed after this moment.

It’s pretty traumatic! Sally, at the time Home and Away‘s most beloved character, was just left for DEAD and then the show went on its summer break. It was probably the longest two months of my LIFE waiting to see if Sally was going to survive.

Not only that, but every goddamn ad break in January leading up to Home and Away returning in 2007 was a “will she or won’t she survive” Sally saga, set to Evermore’s ‘Light Surrounding You’. The song is forever tainted. It immediately brings back feelings of stress and trauma.

Moving on!

Home and Away returned in 2007 with the answer to Sally’s fate. But rewatching the below opening scene really was, err something.

All of a sudden my trauma was erased, because the chaos of this scene where Sally is rushed to hospital is just perfect, cheesy, dramatic television. I love this scene for many reasons, so please watch it below:

Here are all the questions I have after watching Sally’s rescue in the 2007 season premiere of Home and Away:

home and away sally stabbing

1) How did Brad not see her car still in the car park in the first place when he left the school? Why didn’t they exit the school together if they were going to dinner?

2) Why did it just jump from his sister, Rachel, visiting and then him standing there waiting again for Sally? Where did Rachel go?

home and away sally stabbing

3) Why didn’t Brad call an ambulance immediately after finding Sally? Or even his sister Rachel WHO IS A DOCTOR?!

4) WHY DID HE CARRY HER THROUGH THE HOSPITAL? How close was the hospital? Wouldn’t she have lost even more blood that way?!

home and away sally stabbing

Like I assume he drove her there obviously, but at any stage was he like “this may be a good job for some paramedics?!” considering she was unresponsive.

5) Why didn’t the nurses seem more stressed? Do they really get victims of stabbings every day in Summer Bay? I DOUBT IT.

6) Why is Brad so surprised when the nurse told him Sally had been stabbed, like he didn’t have her blood ALL over his clothes?

home and away sally stabbing

7) Does the whole town usually rock up to a casual stabbing?

Alf, Leah, Irene, the Holden family, Martha… the whole gang is here!

8) Why did Brad say he waited too long burying his feelings for Sally after his first wife died – didn’t she only die a few months previously?

For context, Brad’s first wife Emily died of leukemia somewhere in that 2006 timeline.

sally stabbing home and away

Like, calm down Brad, maybe go to therapy???? Also, where did you get your new shirt from? Lol.

Anyway as we all know Sally did survive in the end, and as I close this chapter again I just want to leave you with one final video to stir up those nostalgic memories.

Looking back on this tribute, no wonder we all thought she’d die.