New Netflix Series ‘Home For Christmas’ Perfectly Captures What It’s Like To Be Single Over The Holidays

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Home for Christmas, a new Norwegian Netflix holiday series, is too relatable. It follows Johanne (Ida Elise Broch), a 30-year-old nurse in Roros who, relenting to the pressure of her family, straight-up lies about having a boyfriend.

Her family, all happily coupled, berate her about the ex that got away and tell her that she needs to prioritise her family/love life over her job helping SAVE LIVES. Johanne gets so fed up with the conversation that she just makes a boyfriend up. Which means she has a total of 24 days to find a boyfriend to bring home for Christmas. It’s a promising sitcom set up, right?

The series has so much to say about how we treat young single women as spinsters over the Chrissie break, as well as pointing out just how dark the dating pool is. Basically, if you’re looking for something that feels SO REAL, especially next to A Christmas Prince 3, this is the Christmas content you need.

Pro tip: Watch Home for Christmas in Norwegian, with English subtitles. The American dub is offputting.

Here are some perfect moments from Home for Christmas that sum up what it’s like to be alone for the holidays and dating in 2019.

When you’re dreading going into an awkward family function.

When your family will not shut up about your ex.

Like, they really just won’t let it go.

When they are really, really persistent.

When someone suggests you have to make an ~effort~ to find a partner.

When you become weirdly, inconveniently clucky.

When it all gets too much.

Home For Christmas

When you tell everyone you are absolutely OK, yep, totally fine, this is great actually.

When speed dating is hell.

When your meet-cute is immediately ruined because bae doesn’t like Love Actually.

When your Tinder date to an Escape Room goes extremely poorly.

When your friend laughs at your melodramatic streak.

When you are extremely done with dating.

When you run into someone you don’t want to at a nude spa.

When a one- or two-night stand makes you breakfast.

Home For Christmas

When you get drunk and unload all your anxiety on a potential love interest.

When people are trying to be too social over the silly season.

Home For Christmas

When you decide to get an extremely chill gift for someone you are very casually dating.

When you fall in love too easily and end up heartbroken.

Home For Christmas

When festive drunk you remembers you brought a ride!

When you are actually too drunk for your ride.

Home For Christmas

When you live in Sydney.

Home For Christmas

When you and your best mate find the real Christmas spirit.

Home For Christmas

When you are finally ready to open the door to your unapologetically single future.

Home For Christmas

Home for Christmas is streaming on Netflix.