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IT HURTS: Bachy’s Cobie Admits She Thought She Scored First Kiss With Matty

Last night’s ep of The Bachelor saw cutie pie Cobie go on a date with Matty J. The date itself was pretty dull tbh, but we did see a pash at the end. Huzzah!

However, it turns out that Cobie thought that was Matty’s first kiss. Bit awks as we all know his first smooch-off was with Laura. Poor Cobie told TV Week that when she found out about Laura she was shook.

“I didn’t know, absolutely no idea,”she said. “It blew me away. It knocked me for six.”

We can safely assume that Laura didn’t tell the rest of the gals that she had kissed our bachy. She’s a classy lady after all.

As far as kisses go, the pash between Cobie and Matty was err… not great. It was just so mechanical, and as we’ve learnt watching bachy in the past: bad kiss equals buh-bye.

Several viewers noted on Twitter that the kiss was bad, and that maybe Cobie is heading for the friend-zone.

Cobie told the magazine that she never even expected to get a kiss from their first date.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting it. It was a lovely surprise but you do get more invested,” she said.

In the interview, Cobie went on to address the bitchiness going on in the house. Her comments follow on from last night’s drama, where some of the girls turned on Cobie at the cocktail party, simply for speaking to Matty.

“I was sad because they knew I wanted to speak to him so it took me a long time to get over it because I felt disappointed by the girls because we weren’t empowering each other or looking out for each other.”

Amen! We’re firmly TEAM COBIE.

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