jack millar mafs courtney stubbs love island couple

Reality TV Faves Jack (MAFS) & Courtney (Love Island) Have Gone Instagram Official

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Two reality stars that I didn’t know even knew each other might be dating. The Aussie celebrity world is SMALL.

Married at First Sight’s Jack Millar has gone Instagram official with Love Island’s Courtney Stubbs. For the unfamiliar, Jack was a beloved groom on this year’s MAFS season, and while he was matched with Domenica Calarco, they had split by the reunion. Courtney starred on 2021’s Love Island and despite ending the finale coupled up with Noah Hura, they split a week later.

Jack and Courtney spent the weekend together skiing up at Mt Perisher, leading fans to suspect they’re now dating. In an equally newsworthy development: this means Jack is not dating me.


I will say that they do make a cute couple. Courtney even posted a little gallery of the pair’s weekend together — yep, Jackney are on the grid!


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Fans have flooded the Instagram post with comments like, “This pairing is the ACTUAL dream I am CRYING,” and “Omg I was like.. but he’s from… and she’s from.. omg yes I love this!!!”

Jack also shared Courtney’s Instagram Story featuring a sweet snap.

jack millar mafs courtney stubbs love island couple

And Courtney posted an image asking her followers to vote on their snowscape drink of choice: Jack’s coffee or Courtney’s Canadian Club. Why can’t we have both?

This isn’t the first time the two reality stars have spent time together. Jack and Courtney were spotted having brunch after the Logies and Jack was even seen with his arm around Courtney. Was this their first date? I like to think so.

It should be noted that neither Courtney nor Jack have confirmed that they’re officially dating each other. However, last week during an Instagram Q&A, when Courtney was asked for a dating update, she answered “TBC”. Oop!

Jack’s ex Dom also hasn’t denied that her MAFS groom has moved onto another reality star. When asked how she felt “about Jack and Courtney,” in an Instagram Q&A, she replied “I’m so happy he is happy”.

jack millar mafs courtney stubbs love island couple

I am also happy that Jack is happy. But if things don’t work out, you know where I am, Jack*.

(*I’m in your DMs, I’ve been here for weeks.)