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Jackson Garlick Has Restored Our Faith In Reality Stars By Documenting His Vax Journey

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Former Bachelor in Paradise star Jackson Garlick has taken to Instagram to announce to his followers that he’s gotten the AstraZeneca jab, as Greater Sydney hits its fifth week of lockdown.

With health advice for NSW residents to now get the AstraZeneca vaccine if possible, Jackson stated he was “putting his money where his mouth is” and documented his journey to get the AZ jab yesterday.

Taking to his Instagram stories, Jackson made his stance on the vaccine very clear and said he was not going to debate with anti-vaxxers or any trolls. His openness about his vaccination journey was met with praise by other Bachelor alum, including Alisha Aitken-Radburn, Glenn Smith, Helena Sauzier, and Sogand Mohtat.

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While some may not see Jackson’s post as necessary, given the misinformation that spreads on social media we applaud his efforts.

Over the weekend, current Australian Survivor contestants Benny Burdo and Daini ‘Big D’ Tuiqere posted in support of Sydney’s lockdown protests, an event that was a kick in the face for millions of Sydneysiders who are obeying strict stay at home orders right now to deal with the current Delta outbreak.

Other former reality stars have also not been quiet about their anti-vax or anti-lockdown opinions. Amanda Micallef from the 2020 season of Married at First Sight can often be seen on Instagram spouting useless misinformation such as “I wholeheartedly believe that the Coronavirus is the beginning of world control” etc. if you care to pay her any attention.

Former Bachy alum Bill Goldsmith has also taken to Instagram in the past and fallen into some controversy, most notably last year when he was tricked into thinking there was 5G in the vaccine.

So it’s absolutely refreshing to see a reality TV influencer using their powers for good and debunking the myths that some of their counterparts have spread out into the world.

Jackson has continued documenting his vaccine journey on Instagram, from the moment he got the vaccine to the next day. “I swear the vaccine gets a bad wrap,” he said. “You’d swear that some people make it out like we’re going to grow a thumb out of our neck or something within five minutes of getting it. If I get side effects, I’ll put it on my story because some people are so scared of getting the AstraZeneca that they’re not going to go get it. Just do it. Get vaxxed, man.”

True to his word, Jackson uploaded more stories the day after his jab to relay to his followers how he was feeling.

“Side effects? Negligible,” he said. “I found it a little hard to wake up this morning but the confounding variable is it’s a Monday and also I have an assignment for psych due today. Secondly, there’s the slightest bit of pain around the injection site, it’s like I’ve been corked by a 10-year-old.”

Thank you Jackson for talking some common sense.

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