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James Charles Has Taken The Absolute Piss Out Of The Tati Westbrook Controversy

James Charles has taken the absolute piss of the Tati Westbrook drama that shook the internet to its very core earlier this year.

To explain what went down, first we need to relay what’s happening with controversial YouTuber Logan Paul right now. A video has allegedly surfaced online showing Logan hooking up with a male friend in 2015 — something that Logan claims is purely “clickbait”, as he makes fun of the claims on Twitter.

He then posted another tweet referencing James and got a response no one expected.

As Logan randomly tweeted, “james charles ur next,” the makeup superstar himself hit back, writing “Sorry bro I only go for straight guys.”


We all remember the absolute shitstorm that went down early in 2019, after YouTuber Tati Westbrook posted a (now deleted) video titled ‘Bye Sister’, which essentially ended her friendship with James, alleging that he had made straight men uncomfortable in the past with his flirty antics. Jeffree Star tweeted at the time that James was a “predator” and a “danger to society”.

James denied the allegations and the waiter Tati had mentioned in her video eventually backed up James’ claims that he was not straight and was bicurious. The controversy ended with everyone involved apologising for their part in the feud, and while initially James lost YouTuber subscribers, he has has since got them back.

This is the first time James has made light of the scandal and we’re living for this piping hot tea.