jason roses married at first sight

Bryce’s Former BFF Jason Confirms They’re No Longer Friends After Last Night’s ‘MAFS’ Shitshow

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There’s no denying that the breakout star of last night’s Married at First Sight episode was Bryce’s (former) best friend Jason Roses.

From his iconic facial expressions to his online commentary and posts throughout the show, Jason (who you may recognise from Big Brother fame) won MAFS fans over by his obvious skepticism when Bryce brought up that girlfriend story.

In case you missed last night’s episode, the TL;DR is that Bryce took Melissa to visit Canberra and meet his friends. When Bryce disappeared to get drinks for Melissa (not staged or anything, I’m sure), Melissa asked his friends if there were any truth to the rumours about the secret girlfriend.

This basically says it all:

jason roses married at first sight

When Bryce and Melissa left for the day, the friends stayed back and… drumroll please… one of them confirmed that what Rebecca has been saying is absolutely true. “The gift thing is true,” one of Bryce’s friends stated.

married at first sight bryce


As the episode aired, Jason Roses had a bit to say on his Instagram about the absolute shitshow that is Bryce and Melissa.

It started with Jason confirming that he and Bryce are no longer mates.

jason roses married at first sight bryce

After Bryce labelled him the “gay best friend you’re meant to have” Jason also lashed out at this.

“The gay best friend that you’re meant to have? Honey… it’s not a requirement you have to have a gay best friend! I find that a little offensive,” Jason said on his Instagram stories.

“This whole season, poor Bec has been called crazy because of an apparent conversation that happened at the gym, Bryce has denied it, yet one of Bryce’s very good friends just said it’s true,” he said.

“There is so much I wanted to say and still want to say. Watching, from what I’ve seen, my heart breaks for Melissa, based on what I’ve seen. There’s only so much I can and can’t say,” Jason finished.

He also said he’ll be watching MAFS live tonight with the rest of us and commentating, so chuck him a follow right here.