Not To Be Dramatic, But I Would Die For Ben On ‘Junior MasterChef’

Junior MasterChef premiered earlier this week and it is a wholesome addition to the absolute trashfire of a year that is 2020. Basically, it’s the show we never knew we needed.

Watching these tiny children cook up a storm and deliver perfect dishes that you could only dream of cooking as a twenty-something is weirdly heartwarming. And the respect, kindness, and genuine enthusiasm they show towards each other as competing contestants and towards the judges goes to show reality TV doesn’t need staged fights or drama to keep you interested.

Already fans of the show have been captivated by the kids, but there’s been one standout: 10-year-old Ben Bolton.

Simply put, Ben is just super endearing. His enthusiasm, big smile, and passion for cooking shines through but he also drops in highly relatable quotes and jokes… like below:

Not to be dramatic, but I would pledge my life for Ben in order to ensure his future happiness and success. Forget The Bachelorette. Forget Home and Away. Forget anything else on primetime TV right now. Ben and his infectious smile and sweet nature is all that matters.

Ben has already won himself a legion of fans on Junior MasterChef:

Ben is basically a walking, talking adorable meme.

We do not deserve this precious angel.

You can watch Junior MasterChef from Sunday to Tuesday at 7.30pm on Channel 10.