Kardashian Update: Khloe Has Said Tristan Is Entirely At Fault For Breaking Up Their Family

It’s been a HUGE week of Kardashian news and, look, we get it. You’re tired. We’re tired. Kris Jenner is probably at a wellness retreat as we speak.

After Jordyn Woods went public and told her side of the Tristan Thompson cheating debacle, Khloe was quick to fire off an angry tweet, calling her a “liar” and saying she’s the reason Khloe’s family has broken up.

People were quick to point out that it was unfair to have the blame solely rest on Jordyn when, in fact, this isn’t Tristan’s first time cheating:

Khloe Kardashian
khloe kardashian

It appears Khloe read her mentions because she later tweeted about her “awful week” and laid the blame fully on Tristan:

Khloe even acknowledged that everyone was probably sick of hearing about the drama (as is she).

Well. We can only hope that Tristan has been shown the door and this drama will finally be laid to rest.

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