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OOP! Kim Cattrall Is Doing A TV Reboot, It’s Just Not ‘Sex And The City’

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If you come for the queen, you best not miss and lo and behold, Kim Cattrall has popped up in an upcoming TV reboot — but it has nothing to do with Sex and the City.

While Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis and most of the core cast have returned for the And Just Like Like series revival, Cattrall chose not to reprise her role as Samantha. The reason for Samantha’s absence has been justified in the reboot as being due to Carrie and Samantha having a falling out over Samantha being fired as Carrie’s publicist, ending in Samantha moving to London.

Some fans have slammed the plotline for doing a disservice to Samantha’s character, but it looks like Cattrall is having the last laugh. The full trailer for the much anticipated reboot of the popular How I Met Your Mother series has just dropped, aptly titled How I Met Your Father, and guess who is not just in it, but plays the titular mother role? Cattrall will play the older version of Hilary Duff’s character Sophie, which typically is the person who narrates the whole series. It’s an important role, and Cattrall features front and centre of the new trailer.

How I Met Your Father will see Duff take on the role that Josh Radnor played as Ted, as the series protagonist who’s mission to find true love carries the show. Like the original series, HIMYF will feature a cast of loveable characters navigating love and life while living in New York City (sound familiar, SATC fans?). Along with Duff and Cattrall, the cast includes Francia Raisa, Tom Ainsley, Tien Tran, Suraj Sharma, Chris Lowell and Josh Peck.

Watch the How I Met Your Father trailer featuring Kim Cattrall below:

How I Met Your Father will premiere on Hulu on January 18 in the US, but no Australian air date has been confirmed so far.