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Kim Kardashian & Lindsay Lohan Are At War & It’s Our Fave Celeb Beef Of 2018

ICYMI, today is a very special day for anyone that lives and breathes everything Kim Kardashian (yeah we’re guilty as charged). The social media kween posted a stream of controversial new pics that have the internet shook.

But not everyone is a fan… and this includes errr…Lindsay Lohan.

Kardashian posted images to her socials this morn of her not wearing a whole lot but looking jaw-droppingly stunning as per usual. What’s been gaining the most attention is the braids she’s donning, which is drawing accusations of cultural appropriation.

In a Snapchat vid Kim is calling the box braids ‘Bo Derek’ braids,  which for those unfamiliar is a white actress. In a pic of KK posted to Perez Hilton’s Instagram, Lohan commented “I am confused,” which is nothing out the usual for Li-Loh, who commonly comments random remarks on celeb feeds.

But this time Kardashian clapped back, replying “you know what’s confusing….your sudden foreign accent” and with THAT shade our fave celeb beef of 2018 was born.

Kim is referring to Lindsay adopting a strange accent after travelling through Europe and the Middle East back in 2016. It sure was a weird time.

Internet folk are shooketh by the major tea spill from Kimmy K, who has been kicking off the new year by serving up some savage comebacks, most recently aimed at Khloe’s ex Lamar Odom.

Many are applauding Kim’s salty clap back.

However, not everyone is applauding Kim’s shade. Many are on team Li-Loh this time around, pointing out that the reality star’s cultural appropriation is an actual valid argument.

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