kitkat correct way to eat

Just Hear Me Out: This Is Actually The Best Way To Eat A KitKat

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It’s OK to admit you’ve been wrong before.

I’ve been wrong about many things: I was wrong to pick Parramatta Eels as my NRL club as a child. I was wrong to egg someone’s house as a teenager. I was wrong in thinking Meredith Grey was the worst character on Grey’s Anatomy in my early twenties only to realise, in fact, it was Derek Shepherd. I was wrong when I once said the Honey Badger would make a great Bachelor.

Another thing I’ve been wrong about in my life is the correct way to eat a KitKat.

See, for my whole life I’ve eaten a KitKat the way most people probably have. I’ve unwrapped that glistening red packaging and carefully snapped off a finger, eating them one by one. There’s no more satisfying feeling than the clean snap of a KitKat after all.

But, you guessed it, I was wrong.

The best way to eat a KitKat is by actually chomping straight into it, taking out a decent bite-sized chunk.

kit kat correct way to eat

Some people are going to disagree. Some people are going to say it’s straight-up psychopathic to eat a KitKat this way. I get it, because I used to be one of them.

And then I saw the light.

With the “bad” way going viral on TiKTok recently, I finally realised I was judging something without having even tried it first.

@milligram96what’s wrong, you look like you’ve seen a ghost 🍫 #rulebreak #kitkat #ad♬ original sound – Millie Ford

For as long as KitKats have been around, there have various ways to eat the pretty much perfect chocolate bar. Most people snap off the finger and eat them one by one.

Or you could be like Kourtney Kardashian and really take your time with the whole thing, biting off the ends, nibbling the chocolate off the sides, before saving the middle wafer piece for last.

Or you could just open it and bite straight into it, the way that most people find absolutely horrifying. The way I now have learned to.

What I didn’t realise in my 31 years on this planet is how satisfying it truly was to bite right into the middle of the KitKat. It was freeing. It felt right. As all parts of the chocolate exploded in my mouth, it was a taste sensation you just can’t achieve when going piece by piece. Sure, breaking the fingers off is good for portion control maybe, but what you don’t get is the full hit of chocolate and wafer x 4. Now that feeling, my friends, is pure chocolate-y heaven.

Sure, I’m being ridiculed online by my friends right now. Some have called me a monster. A lot of people on my Instagram poll disagree with me. My family has disowned me. My fake boyfriend has broken up with me.

But it doesn’t matter when I know I’ve finally found my truth. The truth. The best way to eat a KitKat. And it truly is by biting straight into it like an absolute savage.

correct way to eat a KitKat

Don’t believe me? Don’t knock it ’til you try it is all I have to say.