Meet The 2023 ‘Love Island Australia’ Cast And Their Questionable Taglines

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The new era of Love Island Australia is hitting our screens later this month and I absolutely cannot wait. 

Apparently, this season will be filled with chaos, risky challenges, and a “wicked new power shift where the girls will take charge”. I’m not surprised by this, because producers have cast Kirra Schofield – who you may recognise from MAFS. Yep, Bronte’s sister is entering the villa. From what we saw on MAFS, she’s not afraid to speak her mind or shut down members of the opposite sex. 

Sophie Monk is back to host the spicy show in Mallorca and she’s got a warning for the fans. 

“This year be prepared to expect the unexpected – it’s not as predictable as previous years. I can usually pick who will find love and stay together, but the Islanders have surprised me every day,” she said. 

The Love Island Australia 2023 cast and their taglines. 

Tyra, 23 – Sunshine Coast, QLD


“I work in accounts, but trust me I’m not boring, totally not boring.”

Nakia, 21 – Adelaide, SA


“I’ve always been a horse rider, so I do know a thing or two about how to ride.”

Kirra, 26 – Perth, WA


“Naturally when people meet me they might think I’m a massive bitch. I have a horrendous RBF, resting bitch face for those who don’t know.”

Tia, 24 – Canberra, ACT


“In my last relationship I got my heart broken and it’s taken me four years to get over it, but I’m ready.”

Savannah, 26 – Adelaide, SA


“People do describe me as a hot mess but I have selective hearing, so I only hear hot.”

Nate, 24 – Sydney, NSW


“The sexiest thing about me is my charisma, you can definitely say I have big dick energy.”

Zac, 25 – Melbourne, VIC


“I was a sparky for five years, but I decided I was too pretty to be a tradie.”

Ben, 22 – Sydney, NSW 


“I love fashion. If the clothes don’t make you feel like dancing, don’t buy it. Straight up.”

Ollie, 24 – Perth, WA  


“My glasses are fake, my teeth are fake, but everything else is real baby.”

Trent, 25 – Melbourne, VIC 


“Usually the girls I pick have expensive tastes, they cost a lot to run.”

Love Island Australia begins on Monday, October 30, at 6.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now

Image credits: Channel 9, Love Island Australia