Nearly A Month After The ‘Love Island’ Finale It Looks Like Erin & Eden Are Still Bullying Teddy

This is a huge bummer. Love Island Australia finished up in early July, but it appears that Eden and Erin are still bullying fellow contestant Teddy.

Teddy has spoken out about a recent experience where he was, again, victimised by the couple. Teddy has previously spoken out about Eden’s behaviour on the show, which left Teddy in tears.

In a club appearance in Melbourne over the weekend, Teddy told the Daily Mail that the couple threw ice at him and mocked him for crying on the show.

“Basically after coming off stage and going into our booth [directly across from Eden and Erin’s], Eden began to make crying faces and rub his hands on his face to pay me out for crying on TV,” he said.

“Erin was also putting her fingers up screaming ‘f*** you’, which I think was more directed at Jaxon Human and Grant Crapp. Moments later there were a few pieces of ice thrown from their booth at myself and Jaxon.”

Yes, this is for real. No, this is not high school.

While Erin and Eden haven’t commented on the accusations, Teddy has since uploaded a story to his Instagram hoping to put their differences aside.

“I’m all about my positivity unfortunately there was a bit of a negative thing from the night and I just wanted to squash this because you know I don’t tolerate bullying or negative behaviour,” he told his followers.

“I have no beef with Eden or Erin, I wish them the absolute best but there was a situation where they were throwing ice and making crying faces… that was obviously referencing to my breakdown on the show, so yeah I did cry on TV because I felt bullied.”

Eden and Erin placed second in the Love Island finale, pipped at the post by Grant and Tayla, who errr… broke up the following week. If their Instagrams are anything to go by, Eden and Erin are still going strong. But maybe they can leave the ice-throwing at home next time.

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