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Love Island’s Phoebe Throws Shade At Cassie After She Splits W/ Luke

It was a Love Island match that ended before it even began but it looks like evicted islander Phoebe Thompson is still not over Cassie Lansdell.

ICYMI, Phoebe came in as an intruder and developed a connection with Cassie. At her first recoupling ceremony, her and Cassie decided to couple up – becoming the first same-sex couple this series has seen. It was all extremely wholesome until twins Luke and Josh Packman dropped in and Cassie dumped Phoebe for Luke.

But the plot thickens. As the Bomb Squad arrived, Luke cheated on Cassie by hooking up with newbie Isabelle Green. While Cassie initially forgave him, they decided to break up last week. After the episode, Phoebe posted an Instagram story which in essence said ‘I told so!’

In the IG story, she threw all kinds of shade at Cassie. “I could have seen this coming a mile away,” Phoebe began. “I knew Cassie and Luke weren’t going to work. I knew Luke was not her type at all. But in saying that, Cassie has been through Adam, Gerard, me and now Luke. Like honestly, you should have stuck with me girl.”

Damn. She ain’t pulling any punches. As a dedicated Phoebe and Cassie stan, I’m still holding out hope that Phoebe will be sent back into the Love Island villa for a romantic reunion. A girl can dream.