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A ‘Love Island UK’ Couple Just Gave A Masterclass In Breaking Up Amicably & I’m Sobbing

This year’s season of Love Island UK is just phenomenal television. I cannot talk about it enough.

And the drama just keeps getting better. Last week saw the boys and girls split up for a few days of temptation via Casa Amor, which resulted in two longterm couples splitting up. One of these couples was Amy and Curtis, who had been together since the very beginning.

Curtis ended up admitting to Amy that he didn’t see a future with her and had almost rematched with another girl while she was away. At the same time, Amy was about to tell Curtis that she was in love with him. It made for heartbreaking viewing.

Then in a shocking move on the most recent episode, Amy elected to leave the villa. She explained that she wanted Curtis to have the chance to meet someone else and knew he would never pursue anyone while she was still living with him.

It was arguably one of the most selfless acts in the history of Love Island UK.

Watch it all unfold on Love Island below:

I literally can’t watch the whole thing without crying. It’s just so relatable to anyone who has had their heart broken before. Honestly, there was more emotion in that one minute of TV than the entire season of Love Island Australia.

It might be the realest thing I’ve ever seen on reality television.

Fans of the series are praising Amy’s difficult decision and truly feel for her.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be quietly sobbing for the rest of the day. Love Island, what have you done to me?

Amy, you’re amazing and deserves all the happiness in the world.