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We Need To Talk About Maura From ‘Love Island UK’ Because She’s My Hero

It’s that time of the year again, when Australian reality TV season pauses and I refocus my energy on British reality shows to get my fix. Thankfully this season of Love Island UK is proving to be one of the series’ best yet.

There’s a lot to love about the 2019 cast of Love Island UK. Molly-Mae is hysterical. Amber and Michael are peak couple goals. Tommy is one of the most attractive men I’ve ever seen and his bromance with Curtis is too pure for this earth.

But I’m here today to talk about Irish contestant Maura, because she is my fucking hero.


Maura came into our lives as a latecomer to the villa. She immediately narrowed in on total thottie Tommy (who can blame her?) but when he decided to recouple with Molly-Mae she ended up with new guy Tom. He really didn’t know what he was in for.

First up, Maura called Tom out for talking about her to the boys. She overheard him say “it’ll be interesting to see if she is all mouth or not,” before they were going to spend the night together in the hideaway. Maura then told him to “Go fuck yourself,” and refused to speak to him for the rest of the night. It was perfection.

In the latest episode, she heard that Tom had been bad-mouthing her and completely lost her shit at him. It was spectacular. It was actual art.

Love Island viewers in the UK can’t get enough of Maura.

Even Lena Dunham is (randomly) a fan.

It was unlucky for Tom that he was just voted out of the villa while the boys chose to keep Maura on the show. The girl has got to win this whole series. She is my actual hero. I’ve now stopped pronouncing the ‘H’ in words because I really TINK it’s the right TING to do.

A feminist trailblazer. An icon.