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FYI You Can Now Stream The Latest Season Of ‘Love Island UK’

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Finished Sex/Life? Up to date with Too Hot To Handle? Eagerly awaiting the start of The Bachelor but don’t know what to binge in the meantime?

Good news, because you can now stream the latest season of Love Island UK on Channel Nine’s streaming service 9Now.

While Australia buckles down for Lockdown Winter, a bunch of sexy singles are having the time of their lives in a villa in Majorca, forming hot and horny connections and playing the game of who can become the strongest couple.

There’s no denying Love Island UK is a cultural phenomenon – and, let’s be real, the UK version is better than the Aussie or US versions.

Don’t believe us? Check out this snippet below, and don’t even try to deny you’re immediately hooked.


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Episode one of Love Island UK is already up and ready for you to view on 9Now so here’s your official permission to take the rest of the day off work, study, or whatever you’re doing and get cracking. Your secret is safe with me, I won’t tell your boss.

Watch the first episode of Love Island UK right here.