love on the spectrum season 2 trailer

The Trailer For Season 2 Of ‘Love On The Spectrum’ Is Here & It’s Just As Wholesome As You’d Expect

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The most wholesome reality show on television is coming back for a second season. Yep, ABC’s Love On The Spectrum will premiere next month and the series’ first trailer has just dropped.

The show follows the love lives of young adults on the autism spectrum, as they navigate dating in the digital age in search of finding The One. The series found a cult Australian following when it debuted on the ABC in 2019, but has since won over international fans after the show was added to Netflix.

The breakout star of Season 1, Michael, introduces the trailer, declaring that he’s back to continue his journey to find true love. “I can’t stand being single my whole life, because it’s lonely, it’s boring, and it’s also unfulfilling, and it makes you feel like you lack a purpose. I can’t see myself without a wife,” Michael tells the camera.

Season 2 will see some of our faves return (like Michael), along with some new faces added to mix. We can’t wait.

Check out Love On The Spectrum’s Season 2 trailer below:

Season 2 of Love On The Spectrum on May 18 at 8:30pm on the ABC and iView.